How well do you know the CowGal Quiz?

The old man and I were discussing again the time that I spend on the internet…He still insists that people that you don’t see face to face can’t get to know you. I just laughed, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about lots of nice folks out here just on WordPress, some of you get more insight in to my life than people that I see on a regular basis. But just so I don’t fool myself into thinking that no one was ever listening (or reading) to what I have to say around here I made this goofy little test. Give it a whirl…I’m interested to see the results. I sent it out to my friends that I see all the time that don’t read here as well. I want to know if I give off a false impression of myself here or at work or play. I think I do to a certain extent everywhere. You wouldn’t act the same around your Grandmother at the Opera as you would when your at the Karaoke Bar with your best friends, right? Let’s put it to the test.

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3 thoughts on “How well do you know the CowGal Quiz?

  1. ok, that was hard. I was skerd to take it. I love your blog and I do READ it dammit. So, I took the quiz under a false name…. 😉 I got the basics right, some of the things I guessed at were posts probably before I became a fan, so you can tell the “old man” THAT!

  2. Hey! I got a 60!! I try so hard to pay attention. Is it my fault that age is scrambling the few brain cells I have left?

    *You did better than one of the girls I work with that I have known since high school.

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