The 5 things Photo meme

I’ve been quite lazy around here as of late but luckyfor me (tee-hee) I got tagged for this photo meme. From what I understand I’m supposedly going to do 5 things about 4 different subjects about little ol me and then tag 5 folks to join in on the fun. So let’s get started.

Up first was 5 things in my purse…but I hate to play by the rules so I mixed it up a bit. I really don’t usually have 5 things in my purse that don’t have my banking information on them and since I have such a fancy with purses (at last count I have like 25 of them) I thought I would just show off 5 of my favorites.

This one is made from seatbelts


Cute puppy







I love anything disney

And of coures Las Vegas

And my Coca-cola habbit as well



Then there is the 5 things in my room…

Miss Mary…are you on my bed again? Oh well…

All my Scrubs for work…I like pink. Can you tell?

My favorite wreath that I got for my wedding

My little cowboy (notice that the cactus is dead…I just thought that was way funnier that when it was alive, OK not really but I have to pretend that I killed it on purpose just to make me feel better. I don‘t have a green thumb)

And my Needlepoint that my Granny made for me before she passed away.



And on to the 5 things that I’m into at the moment…I wanted to list blogging but I’ve been so bad of it lately that I thought I would share my other passions…

Coke…it’s a problem. I’m out of room to put anything else.

Reading…running out of shelfs as well.

Painting (this is my favorite ceramic that I have done) I like bunnies also.

Dogs. Miss Mary and her little sister Yote.

Buggies…this is our last trip out to Wendover, what do ya think of the new paint job on her? Red’s Maxine was a little inspiration for our choice. (thanks Red)



And then there are the 5 things that I have always wanted to do…And someday hope to do.

Have some kiddo’s…these are my nephews, after a long day in Las Vegas.

Go to Germany and do some family history, I know it’s not all castles and such…but a girl can dream

Drive on a speedway…I don’t care where or what I drive I just want to take the checkered flag.


Go on an African Safari…and see all the animals. And yes I stole this pic.



And meet all of you nice folks that read the crap that I write here on a (not very) regular basis. Sorry no pic for that one.

And it looks like I was the last one to play this round so I’m not going to tag anyone else. If you haven’t got a chance, feel free to have a go at it.



6 thoughts on “The 5 things Photo meme

  1. Oh, cool! A rare “real” post from the Cowgal! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love these.

    Ha – I never would have suspected you were a purse girlie! Especially not the little doggy one! That’s so cute. And yeah – I love your dead cactus – that cracked me up (I kill most green plants too, so don’t feel bad). Your real dogs are adorable and whoa – your ceramics are awesome! You did a wonderful paint job there. Why have you been hiding your talent for so long?

  2. Always wanted one of those seat belt purses but they are too expensive 😦

    Your new layout looks so purty here! The little coyboy is a hoot! Your nephews are gorgeous and your pups are sweet and adorable! I’m a sucker for the pupeh pics!

    Thanks for sharing, this is great!

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