Rock On

You know the kind of folks I’m talking about when I mention people that sing in the car. Not just your average mom that is singing Old MacDonald or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You know, the 30 something usually jamming to a song that was actually popular back when they were in high school, with it turned up loud on a crappy standard car stereo, thinking that they actually look cool remembering the words and banging their head just enough to look like a mental patient escaped from the local facility. Oh and don’t forget the random drum solos that when passing them your unsure if it is jamming or just a random fit of epileptic seizure. Well just in case you see me sometime on the road doing just this…here is a little list of my favorites to jam to.

1. Sharp Dressed Man ZZ TOP

2. Little Long-Haired Outlaw CHRIS LEDOUX

3. The devil went down to Georgia CHARLIE DANIELS BAND

4. Betty’s Being Bad SAWYER BROWN

5. Fat Bottom Girls QUEEN

6. Big Balls AC/DC

7. It’s My Life BON JOVI

8. Dude (Looks like a lady) AEROSMITH

9. Your Mama Don’t Dance POISON

10. You know my Name CHRIS CORNELL

11. Humanity SCORPIONS

12. Life is Beautiful SIXX: AM



Ok so # 13 I don’t get to jam to in the car quite yet. It’s just up on their myspace page. If ya have a second check the link and turn it up. They rock!


5 thoughts on “Rock On

  1. Great choices for “road rocking!” Thanks for the link to #13. That was a good listen. I liked “Bullet” too.

  2. Ha! Ha! I can just see you now- LOL. I do the EXACT same thing. I love it when Def Leppard comes on, “Pour some suga on meh! I’m hot, sticky sweet From my head to my feet, yeah” Awesome list and post! I’m still giggling here. I am so guilty of this.

  3. This is a GREAT lis!!!! Girl, I do the SAME thing!

    The other day, Ice Ice Baby was on the radio and I had it CRANKED up and much to my dismay, still knew every word. 😀 HAHA!

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