Critically Acclaimed, my ass.

I’ll be honest, most movies that I love have not been high in marks from the critics. I like movies but I’m not usually known for being a farm animal (Baaa) that just follows along to a show. I stole this meme and thought that I could easily come up with some answers. But how do you decide that a movie is critically acclaimed, is there a point of revenue that marks this point or is it an award. I thought I would just list a few that I’ve seen that seemed to get a lot of attention, that didn’t have me running back to see the show multiple times or purchasing merchandise.

Titanic- I hate this show. We all knew what was going to happen before we walked in to the theater.

Seven Years in Tibet- More like seven years in the show house. Chalk this one up for the lemmings jumping over the cliff together.

To kill a Mockingbird- no really, I can’t even finish this movie.

The Wizard of Oz- I think it’s the flying monkey’s in this one. No maybe it’s the special effects.

Saving Private Ryan- I think Tom Hanks is great, this is just not one of the better parts he has done, it’s a good story, just to long.

I’m sure I catch crap for some (or all) of these, but what do ya do about it.


10 thoughts on “Critically Acclaimed, my ass.

  1. LOL. Really? You don’t like the Wizard of Oz? I think it earned all it’s attention for going form black and white to color, and because it was ahead of it’s time when it came out. Of course, special effects now are so much more improved. I loved To Kill A Mockingbird – the book! I never saw Saving Private Ryan. I don ‘t know if I could sit through it.

  2. The first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan made me so sick, I refused to watch the rest of it. I’ve seen little tidbits here and there, but I won’t watch it straight through. I know that war is bloody, but cripes! That is just one of many experiences I’d rather not witness first-hand, let alone vicariously through a movie screen.

  3. The only one of these that I’ve seen is Titantic. I slept through the first half, woke up when they all started dying… and found it hilarious. It was horribly overdone, just adding to the comedy.

    I promise… I normally don’t laugh at death. Only when it’s funnily done.

  4. I loved Titanic, back in the day, but couldn’t possibly sit through it now.

    My BFF and I went to see Saving Private Ryan, and I closed my eyes so much during the gore, that I eventually fell asleep.

  5. I love the Wizard of Oz. I used to watch it every year when it came on TV. It’s old as heck, so you can’t expect too much out of the special effects. Geez lady. That was cutting edge stuff at the time. Add to that singing and dancing and, and, and… Oh geez I’m sounding so gay right about now. BYE! 👿

  6. Titanic?
    Yeah, a titanic suckball.
    Syrupy music and longer than the Ten Commandments. Ugh.

    How about Tequila Mockingbird?
    Betcha could’ve made it through that one (if there was one) . . . :mrgreen:

  7. @ Teeni: I don’t really like the whole thing, but what is funny is that I love Gregorie Maguries’s Wicked. It’s the witches’ point of view and it’s so darn good.

    @ Kemi: Ya it’s way to bloody.

    @ Utes: It was the last movie I saw at the Drive in theater before it was tore down. What a way to go out.

    @ Lazy pup: I HATE THE MONKEYS

    @ Alyson: Private Ryan was just to much

    @ Peter : I won’t say a word! Tee-hee 😆

    @ Evyl: exactly!

    @ ~M: that sounds loverly! Let’s do it…I know it would go over way better that the lolcats.

  8. My boss vows and declares that To Kill a Mockingbird and In Cold Blood are the best books ever written, but I’m not so sure what she thinks about the movies. Sometimes I think the appeal (for my boss about Mockingbird) is that it’s set in the South, but then again, it has a universal theme. ANYWAY, I can see why you don’t like the movie; I’ve never watched the whole thing. It’s soooooo slow…but Scout is cute.

    What’s your favorite movie? I LOVE Fried Green Tomatoes. Have you ever seen it?

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