Animated Tattoos

I’ve finally decided on a tattoo for myself. I think this is the answer. Animated tattoos are just what they sound like — implanted images that actually move under the skin. Check out the science behind it here… and let me know what ya think of it.


11 thoughts on “Animated Tattoos

  1. I can see people will be going crazy over something like this. It’s quite a distraction for people who are into body art. I don’t like the idea of getting things implanted in my skin though so it’s not for me. But I’d watch yours if you got an animated one. 🙂

  2. duuuuuuuude, that could be trippy. especially if you get one implanted in a “naughty” place on one’s person….actually, that would be pretty freakin’ hilarious if it came as a surprise to an unsuspecting person. next, they would have provide audio.

  3. Okay, whoah, I cannot imagine have an lcd screen and battery in-planted in my skin. Just wild. When it becomes main stream, we’ll see them everywhere – I can just see some dude with a hot chick “animation” on his arm and what she’d be doing? Could get ugly if you think about it.

    I had NEVER heard of this nor could I have ever seen this one coming. Great post.

  4. OK now I’m ashamed of myself. This was an April Fool’s Joke, but the joke is back on me. I was going to update later that night, but my power went out and I couldn’t get back on till today! I hope you all had a great April fool’s.

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