My Favorite Place in the World

Sunday mornings have traditionally been (around this house) a lazy day. And this morning was no exception, As I lay in bed snuggled up to the old man, our dog Mary at our feet, with the first rays of the sun peaking in the window, I realized that of all the far off places I’ve been and the multitude of things that I’ve seen, that this is my most favorite place in the world. Home.


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Place in the World

  1. Couldn’t agree more. My goal is to make my home the resort of my dreams so I don’t have to go anywhere else. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂

    It’s just so nice to have what you want. It makes comming home more special.

  2. Oh, I can SOOoooooooooo relate. How true. What a blessing in life…. and it didn’t even cost you a cent 🙂 BONUS!

    I know…it just hit me.

  3. Home is my favorite place too, and I think I’m rubbing off on the boys. They’re always saying, when we’re out, “I miss my house”. LOL.

  4. Nice post. If only more people were like you (us) and realized their good fortune. Yesterday I was listening to conference talks, and one of them (can’t remember which) was about a home being a safe haven, a refuge from the storm…so to speak. The speaker then used a phrase about the storms of life stopping at the door of home. I loved the imagery of it.

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