My Top 13 Tear Jerker Movies

Tear stream softly and quietly down my face as I sit surrounded by strangers in the dim light of the theater. A few deft sniffles somewhere in front and riffling threw a purse is coming from someone a few rows behind me trying, no doubt, to find a tissue to hide the signs again of another great tear jerker.

Some shows, no matter how many time you see them, make you feel the sting of life. Something that strikes home for one can mean nothing to another (depending on your own experiences). At times it can take you by complete surprise, like in a League of their own, others you know it’s coming from the moment you hit the play button on the DVD remote, like Passions of the Christ. The fact of the matter is the salty taste of your own tears can release so many worries and cares that we all continue to watch these movies over and over.

Today’s Thursday Thirteen is my list of movies that bring the silent and heartbreaking tears to me each time I watch them.

Forest Gump


Flags of our Fathers

Old Yeller

We were Soldiers

Butterfly Effect


Dragon Heart

Where the red fern grows

The Patriot

The Bucket List

My Dog Skip

          Schindler’s List


21 thoughts on “My Top 13 Tear Jerker Movies

  1. Ugh, Dumbo. The whole jail traincar scene makes me weep. It always did, and it’s worse now that I’m a mother.

    My kids think I’m a lunatic.

    * I love poor Dumbo’s mama…just brings a little tear to my eye thinking of her.

  2. I took my daughter to see “My Dog Skip” when it first came out, and could not stop crying. She still teases me about my non-stop, soak-the-popcorn-with-my-tears sobbing that day.

    Damn that movie.

    *It was so good the first time…I just can help but to start to cry when that part is comming up.

  3. Ruuuuudy! Ruuuudy! Ruuuuudy!

    I only get teary-eyed at the end of ConAir. *shrugs*

    *OK I must see this, going to the video store now.

    Wait a min…Red did you see Ghost Rider with Nickolas Cage and Sam Elliot? Ya I cried at it too.

  4. I can’t watch those movies about animals with sad endings – I bawl like a baby and end up depressed. But I loved Forest Gump and Schindler’s List. I could watch those over and over. Fantastic movies.

    *the dog ones just kill me…

  5. Every one of these make me cry, every single time….never fail!
    Field of Dreams
    Remember the Titans
    Dragon Heart
    Forrest Gump
    Mr Hillands Opus {fabulous movie…you seen it?}
    Findign Forrester
    There are many, many more, but these are the ones that come immediately to mind…if I remember all the others I’ll be back
    I’ve never heard of Rudy either! Might need to take a look…

    *Good list there girl…

  6. Excellent list. My number one tear-jerker is Sweet November. It makes me weep every damn time…in that deep-down-pain-in-my-chest-sob kinda way. ugh.

    Braveheart, E.T., and The Fox and the Hound are others…and, of course, any movie involving animals or any of the children’s animated flicks. My poor daughter always cringes when we go to see one of “her” movies. She asks, “Gee, Mom, are you gonna cry at this one, too?”

    *I cried at that stupid one with Ashton Kucher (?) as the animated deer. I have no idea why. But Fox & the hound get’s me going everytime too.

  7. OMG…Dumbo gets me EVERY time. When she is rocking him, singing “Baby of Mine”, I boo-hoo big time. Speaking of, have you heard Allison Krauss sing it? Beautiful!!!!

    I just watched “Year of the Dog” and boo-hoo’ed. It’s an independent movie, so it’s a little strange but it involves dogs. Like you, the dog movies always get to me.

    @2lazy dogs: That IS a good one. The ones where they fall in love and DIE are horrible. (The Notebook and A Walk To Remember)

    * I always cry when someone dies…even a bad guy.

  8. Good blog!!

    My most favoritest movie in the world ALWAYS makes me cry. Very few people I know have heard of it but if you like love stories and/or Alan Rickman it’s a must-see. It’s called ” Truly, Madly, Deeply “. OMG when they sing their song I bawl like a baby! It’s English so you might have to go to the foreign films section to find it.

    *checking for it tonight at the blockbuster.

  9. No, Terms of Endearment? I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you.

    Ditto on Rudy, Truly, Madly, Deeply.

    Other classic, truly tear jerking movies: Wuthering Heights, An Affair to Remember, Casablanca.


    * My heavens, I’ve not seen any of the ones you listed. I’m on my way to blockbuster.

  10. “Life as a House” with Kevin Kline is really good, too. It may have been an indie flick, because it’s not very well-known.

    Excellent, sob-inducing movie. We’re talking hiccups and hyperventilation.

    This thread reminds me of the first time I saw “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. I was so mad at how it ended, I cried for hours. HOURS. My heart was broken for Julianne. Didn’t have that reaction any of the other 20 times I watched it, though. Only the first one. 😀

  11. Can any men on here respond to this? I cant believe you can get a fair judgement because women can cry by watching tom and jerry. Some of these movies are sad but i would not say they are tear jerkers.Tear jerkers is just that a tear jerker! it means as hard as you fight it you cant hold back, it just jerks a tear out of you.You women are talking about movies that are sadd but not a tear jerker. I am a full grown man with no emotional problems and full of testosterone and here is the movie that will get anyone(man or woman) to cry!…Seabiscut!! This is a movie thats makes you cry due to what they went through together and not just a sadd scene like dumbo! there is meaning behind this movie and alot of people man or woman has been through some form of trials where they were counted out and pulled through and turned it around and came back on top again and that is what makes a REAL tear jerker,not just a sad scene.In that case titanic would be on you girls list! remember when leonardo was hanging on for dear life and die while she slept next to him.That was a sadd scene but not a tear jerker.But ofcourse tear jerkers for women will be different for men,like i see on here someone has bravehart as a tear jerker…lol That was the best movie ever but not a crying movie.They killed wallace, but like passion of the christ they killed jesus in a worse way but i dont see passion of the christ on here?To women the person has to be helpless,cute,sadd eyes or a animal and then women will cry.but in the movie troy when akilies died i only seen a few wet eyes in the theater or in gladiator when maxiumus died. if those people were helpless, sadd eyes, lonely people then more women would have cried for them. Women tend to cry alot easier therefore this cant be taken seriously with a few men giving a list. One more that came close to getting me is the abyss!

  12. Grave of the fireflies <<< not many people have seen it, u must seee it!!
    the green mile
    house of flying daggers
    Schindlers list

    Saddest movies…

  13. All time saddest movies:

    We were soldiers
    I am sam
    Mona lisa’s smile
    Legends of the fall
    A walk to remember
    The note book
    John Q

    but most of all non-stop crying

    P.S. I love you

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