Hump day humor

Miss Mercedes has invited me once again to participate in the hump day humor…this weeks edition is politics. While I found a multitude of funny jokes and stories this on just happens to always make me chuckle. You can switch up the ending to any one you want, but this one alas, was political (not necessarily my own opinion). Enjoy and check out the other players in this weeks game over at Mercedes Rocks.

A lady bought a new $100,000 Mercedes and proudly drove it off the showroom floor to take home. Halfway home, she attempted to change radio stations and saw that there appeared to be only one station. She immediately turned around and headed back to the dealer.

Once at the dealer, she found her salesman and began to excitedly explain that her radio was not working, and they must replace it since she only had one radio station. The salesman calmed her down and told her that her car radio was voice-activated, and that she would only need to state aloud the type of music that she wanted and the car would find it.

She got into the car and started the engine and then said the word “country,” and the radio changed to a station playing a George Strait song. She was satisfied and started home. After a while she decided to try out the radio and said “rock ‘n’ roll;” the radio station changed and a song by the Rolling Stones came from the speakers. Quite pleased, the woman continued driving.

A few blocks from her house, another driver ran a light causing her to slam on her brakes to avoid a collision. The woman angrily exclaimed, “Asshole!”

…The radio cut over to George Bush’s press conference.


4 thoughts on “Hump day humor

  1. You know, she could have yelled “MORON!” or “IDIOT!” or “LOSER!” and gotten the same station…..

    *Oh I don’t know…I think that moron would bring up Rush Limbagh (?spelling) and the idiot could bring up one of my local fav’s. we have a station that does Trad-e-o where you buy, sell or trade farm equ and animals.

  2. Too funny! And she was in a Mercedes too-lol! You and I are the only participants so far! I need to go campaigning for more participants-lol! I really thought it was a good idea for a meme. Thanks for playing again! Much appreciated!

    *Oh ya…she was. I didn’t relize it. that is to funny… :mrgreen:

  3. I love these types of jokes.
    And 4 years from now, if you tell the same joke, there’ll be another person’s name instead. Jokes that never die. 🙂

    *I know…they are great! 8)

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