Vacation Time

I’m so excited…our semiannual trip to Las Vegas is upon us. The old man is going to be at the ConAgg expo for most of the time though so I’ll have to do the day things alone. This means that shopping and gambling are a must, I’ll just have to get him distracted with some of the other men we are going with so I can go see the Thunder from Down Under this time…I’ve yet to experience there exquisite beauty first hand.

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The old man and I have an understanding about things like this…I get to look so dose he. It wouldn’t be fair any other way, right? Two of the other couples we are going with are bringing there kids along and the other couple never leave the “security” of the hotel after dark. Oh well…I hate to travel with people that tie ya down, guess it’s a good thing we are driving down so I’ll have my own ride. Last time we went for this convention we had a great time. The old man gets so excited to see all the new equipment and he gets a thrill from the hotties at all the booths as well. But I mean who wouldn’t. Anyhow I’ll be missing ya’ll for a few days. Look after the place for me will ya?


8 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Ooh, Las Vegas, exciting! Wave to the strippers for me!!!!

    P.S. Talea and I got your package today! My bunny is so adorable, he’s sitting on my desk now, thank you!!! I will post a picture of him soon. I’ve named him Fuzz.

    *fuzz is perfect! Glad it got there OK.

  2. Fair is fair. I actually surprised my wife once with ticks (one for her and a friend) to go see the Wild Boys, similar to the Thunder from Down Under, but without the accent. She has yet to buy me as much as a table dance. Hmmm… πŸ˜• Dang it.

  3. OH, have fun! Never heard of the Thunder from Down Under….. look’n good though….. hmmm……. yeah, look’n good….

  4. “thunder from down under”…I remember seeing huge posters for that show when I was in Vegas….how on earth did I miss out on it???? Let me know if you get a chance to check it out (and describe it in detail on your blog please πŸ˜‰ )

    * 😦 I missed them again. But I did get to see some dolphin porn at the Mirage.

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