Weekly Motivational Image



14 thoughts on “Weekly Motivational Image

  1. Ohmigawd! I remember seeing a sheet of these one time and almost pissing myself laughing so hard over all the wrong answers. This is a great one for your motivational poster! LOL

  2. Ahahhaha! That’s great…but it reminds me of my lame attempt to assist my daughter with her 4th grade geometry homework the other night. I seem to have forgotten everything I learned in school. Eek!

    *another reason I don’t have kids…homework!

  3. Looks like more than a few of my tests.

    I figure now is a good time to give you the heads up, I’m going to take down A Quarter Short, and focus on some other things at the moment.

    It’s been fun and thanks for hanging in there with me homegirl!

    *Oh… 😦
    I’ll miss ya man!

  4. I recall the tale of some University professor handing out the final test at the end of the year for his philosophy, and it simply said “why?”. And everyone started scribbling like mad about the meaning of life. The best response? “Why not?” Simplicity!

    *why could none of my teachers give a test like that…man, I always miss out.

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