The cute & crazy ones….

This week was a crazy example of why I love working for a doctor. For those that don’t know what I do let me give ya a little bit of a explanation.


No really, all I do is check in people at a small town doctors office and answer phones.

This week as I was checking in about a 5 year old girl(with her mother’s help), for an appointment, I asked the normal questions about her accident to determine what insurance to bill for her visit (ie. Personal, Auto, or Homeowners, Industrial). The young mother had placed the girl up on the counter to sit because of a leg injury she had sustained, and I asked where the accident had taken place and she (the child) replied “in the drive-way”. I then asked the mom if this was an auto related accident and the child again piped up and over her mother’s response tells me ” ya, I fell over my Barbie car.”

Another favorite for the week was an older gentleman that insisted that he had an appointment with us that day. When I pulled up his account on the computer I found that he had an appointment the proceeding day that he had not shown up for. He then relates to me that he had had the same problem with his heart surgeons office the day before and with another doctor the day before that. “But” he said to me, “they always just take me in when I come in, I don’t know why you bother to make me an appointment.” I almost died when he pulled out his appointment cards for 3 other visits he had scheduled for the week, I presume he just showed up when he wanted for them to.

We also had the fun of a little old lady and a young school aged child both with bloody noses at the same time. As I was trying to find a place for both of them to be seen, they chatted up with each other in the lobby. The woman’s husband asked the little boy what had happened, when he was done relating how he had been hit with a ball during gym class, the man said that was a way better story that his wife. She had just been picking her nose.



8 thoughts on “The cute & crazy ones….

  1. Oh Cowgal,
    Those are a scream. Having worked in a doctor’s office, I can totally relate. Some of the stuff that comes up is hysterical and pathetic.

    I loved the barbie car accident.

    *ya just shake your head at time and laugh to your self.

  2. Well~there you go~some great Children’s Humor-lol! I bet you hear some great ones! Too funny! Kids are so honest! You should come over and check out my Out of the Mouths of Babes Page. There are some good ones there too. Feel free to add any to it!


    *I have (looked) and it’s great!

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