Movie Madness…and the Thursday thirteen.

 Mercedes had a fabulous idea on her Ten on Tuesday post to make a list of some of the movies that she would like to see but, she hasn’t found the time yet. Ten is such a perfect number but I have to be different and do the 13 to make it work for the Thursday 13.

So if you’ve seen any of these and they aren’t worth my time…just let me know.

  1. Definitely, maybe how cute does this look. Ryan Reynolds playing a cute dad!
  2. Becoming Jane if anyone could pull of being Jane Austen it would have to be Anne Hathaway.
  3. National Treasure: book of secrets I loved the first one.
  4. The Guardian I’m just not sure about this one…the story looks good, if it just didn’t have that crazy kid from “That 70’s show”
  5. Be kind rewind Jack Black is quickly becoming one of my favorite goofy guys!
  6. Witless Protection and how can you not love Larry the Cable Guy.
  7. Bill Cosby, himself I watched this as a little kid, with out my parents knowlage. I laughed then and didn’t even understand half the jokes. Can you image how funny it would be now.
  8. The Dark Knight I’ll admit it…Superman and Spiderman are pussies! Batman is the bomb and looks way hotter that any other superhero, thanks to Christian Bale.
  9. Australia oh my dear friends on the other side of the world…what beautiful actors you have given us. THANK YOU!
  10.  The Golden Compass all the controversy and I still haven’t seen this one. How could I pass up a cute little story with a polar bear and
  11. Quantum of Solace  Oh if only they would cast the real 007, but I guess that Daniel Draig will be OK (oh wait who am I kidding…what a hotty!)
  12.  Star Trek…I’m not a trekky (is that the word) but I’m so intrigued to see Simon Pegg (yes…of Hot fuzz) play Scott and Karl Urban (yummy) playing bones.
  13.  Letters from Iwo Jima I know I’m a cry baby about war, I’m so grateful to the men and woman that fight to keep me in the dark about the horrors of life that I ignore. I think that Clint Eastwood would have done a great job on this and I want to see this from the point of view of the Japanese people. I just have to be brave and do it.

6 thoughts on “Movie Madness…and the Thursday thirteen.

  1. OMG. I haven’t ‘seen ANY of these! **hangs head in shame and slinks out the back door**

    *no, that’s ok…we shall watch them together.

  2. OKay, I didnt like the last one and stopped it before it was even over.

    *really? OK i’ll keep being a chicken and not watching it then.

  3. #8 Why do you taunt me so? 👿 Batman may be cool, but if anyone’s a pussy it’s him. He doesn’t even have any super powers. He’s just a hero, not super at all. Hell, even I could kick Batman’s ass. GGgrrrrrrrr…

    *OK…no superpowers may be true, but cash is mighty powerful!

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