Heaven on Earth…

 The problem with carpooling is that for an hour each afternoon I’m submitted to the will of the driver. I know, your all saying to your screen… “Duh Cowgal, pack a lunch!”. But I want to remind you all that not only am I an amazingly horrible cook, I also love love love my beauty sleep. That aside, the doctors take about a two-hour break from the office to run and do hospital rounds. (We live in Hickville and there is not a hospital in town!) So if I were to actually get up early and pack a sammich and some goodies…I’d have a long time to hang out in the break room with the eccentric and disgraceful co-workers that gather to talk about dungeons and dragons or steal other people’s lunches from the fridge.

But to get to the point here…today for some unnatural reason unknown to me (she had to go to the oral surgeon), I was allowed to take my co-workers car all by myself, and go to one of my most favorite places. Carl’s Jr. mmmmm…..yummy! The best part is that when I approached the drive threw my little heart went pitter-patter…chili cheese fries are back! Woo hoo! But wait what else did my eyes spy. A teriyaki burger also…Oh heartburn you are my companion today!


So as I’m enjoying my lunch and listening to my favorite radio station it hits me…no, not the heartburn quite yet, this great idea. I could eat this for lunch everyday and this is the best part…since I have an awful long lunch time, I could walk all the way to Carl’s Jr and then walk back to work and I think I’d still be able to fit in my jeans because it’s only 15 blocks each way…what do you think?

So next week if I’ve not died of the heartburn that is not starting to make me nauseous, I can just jaunt on down and dive right in to my flame broiled (OK so it’s just made like every other burger joint but it’s my vision) pineapple topped, teriyaki sauce smothered, cheese and tomato, and enough lettuce to feed Emerald’s bunnies for a week hamburger and chili cheese fries!

Oh wait the longer I brag this up the more the heartburn is telling me no, No, NO!!!!

Well it was a good idea at first…

Do you think that Paris got heartburn from her Carl’s Jr burger? Probably not…she just got the regular esophageal damage from throwing it up after the photo shoot.

*Burp*…oops, excuse me!


11 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth…

  1. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burger. Yes, I’m vegetarian, but now I’m thinking of Hero Burgers ‘Soul Burger’ (veggie) with all their delicious toppings like caramelized onions and corn relish and mmmmmmmmm. drool. And ANYTHING with cheese is GOOD. Oh man, I’m totally going home right now to shove a veggie burger in my FACE.

    * yes cheese is very good!

  2. I love fries. They are the best to scoop up your ketchup with. I also used to love burgers too. But I admit, I loved the Burger King Junior Whopper. With extra pickles of course. Now I eat sunshine burgers and make my own homemade oven baked fries. They definitely satisfy – especially those home made fries.

  3. I’ve never heard of Carl’s Jr, but chili and cheese are good, as are fries.
    And it KILLS me that Paris Hilton and her whole 120 lbs are posing for a burger ad. Priceless.

  4. We don’t have Carl Jr’s around here but it sounds good. Paris! Ha! Ha! “she just got the regular esophageal damage from throwing it up after the photo shoot.” priceless!

  5. OH I hear you. I was so bad this week. I went to Denny’s and had The Western Burger which is NOT part of my low carb diet I might add.
    I’m getting fat just reliving it. LOL.
    Enjoy. And no Paris didn’t get heartburn.

    *Oh ya the denny’s burger is a hit too! Good thing we don’t have one of them close by…

  6. oooh, i don’t care how painful they are, I love chili fries!

    Paris better take it easy on that burger, that’s all her food for the whole year. Easy killer!

  7. Fry’s….my favorite….both my kids are made of 85% French Fry’s.

    *I have a sign that says “if you are what you eat, I must be cheap, fast, and easy!”

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