The western fan fest

This week we can dive into what I do for my spare time…watch TV and movies with the old man. And since the old man usually has control of the remote, we watch a lot of westerns. I don’t think I had watched more that a few westerns before I was married. But I have come to love some of the stories of the old west.

This Thursday 13 is dedicated to the favorites among them.

# 1 The Cowboys…saddest thing I ever saw, watching John Wayne die.

# 2 The Shootest…same thing here, at least you see it coming though.

# 3 Rio Bravo…*swoons* Ricky Nelson and Dean Martin singing My rifle, my pony and me! How much better does it get?

# 4 Son’s of Katie Elder…OK here we get Deno back, and he is sober to boot. But the fight with the boys is great.# 5 North to Alaska…hello, did I mention they strike gold? What gal would complain about this?

# 6 Big Jake…big gruff John Wayne, not. He’s just a big ol teddy bear when his kin is in trouble.# 7 Open Range…for a new western, they did a fair job. And Robert Duvall is great.

# 8 Lonesome Dove…Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, how can this be bad? Just make sure you have seven hours to watch it all…cause it’s good enough you won’t do anything else till you watch it all.

# 9 Last of the Dogmen…another newer type of western…set in modern day. Not to bad, though, I would have loved to see someone else besides Barbara Hershey, I just have the hardest time with her after Beaches, it’s not a type cast thing for her in my mind.# 10 Tombstone / Wyatt Earp…while I really prefer the Wyatt Earp storyline a little better, the cast in Tombstone really pulled it off. But anytime I get to watch Sam Elliott…well.

# 11 The Quick and the dead…the Sam Elliott version ya know written by Louis L‘Amore. NOT the fake of the same name with Sharon Stone# 12 Conagher…This has to top my list of romances as well…can I get a love note from Sam Elliott?

# 13 The Sackett’s…wow Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck?


8 thoughts on “The western fan fest

  1. Wow, you’ve just named the typical viewing habits of my dad. Throw in “Jeremiah Johnson” and the occasional Harrison Ford movie, and I’d wonder whether to call you “sister” or “Mom”… 😀

    kidding, kidding

  2. I love Sam Elliott too! What is it about this guy that’s so appealing to young and old alike? My husband loves Lonesome Dove, and if you like it too, then maybe I ought to have a look at it.

  3. You know, these all sound wonderful and yet, I have seen none of them. Maybe I should rent and give it a shot? I’ve seen one or 2 westerns and I remember enjoying them, this would be a welcomed change. Thanks.

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