Seven Random things about me!

 That cutie pie over at V’s tearoom invited me to do this 7 things about me meme, and from what I’m told this is going to be 7 random things. I’m not sure if that silly gal has actually read my blog because I think that everything I post is random. Just kidding…but anyhow I thought I would give this a little twist and give it a bit more meaning. So here is my meme!

  1. I’m creped out by people that eat strange foods such as sheep eyeballs for money!  If you want to eat strange food…do it because you like it, not because of a bet.
  2. I’m scared of most horror movies. I usually don’t even like to watch the commercials on TV. I’m a super big fraidy cat.
  3. I hate people that get super good deals all the time…free lunch, discount groceries. I also hate people that win raffles and lotto’s like their name is the only one in the drawing. If I purchase every ticket but 1 for a raffle…that 1 other person is going to win!
  4. I love summer days that I can lounge in the pool, and have nowhere to be.
  5. I want a tattoo…but I just can’t decide what I want and where to put it.
  6. I have broken any bones in my body! Now just because I said that I’ll junks myself for the drive home.
  7. I need to pay off all of my debt. Ya, that’s going to happen over night.

Now I’m going to tag some friends to join in on the fun…here are the rules, for those that want to join in.

*     Link to me…cause I like that!

*     Post theses stellar rules on your meme post

*     Share seven random things about you…or as many as you like.

*     Tag seven other fun loving blog friends that need something to write about!

*     And let them know…so they can do it, cause it’s not like we all wait around for meme’s to just fall in our laps!

And the seven random people that I’ll be tagging…if you want to do this feel free. If not I’ll try and not cry to loud.



Granola Girl



Ma 2 Jenna



5 thoughts on “Seven Random things about me!

  1. LOL. I love being silly. Yeah, that is what I like about your site – it’s randomness. Hey don’t hate those lucky people too much – I’m trying to BE one of them you know. I actually am pretty fortunate about some stuff, but how do I go about getting the free lunches and discount groceries though? 😉

    I didn’t take you as the type to get scared by horror movies. I love them. LOL. I hope you made it home without breaking anything!

    *Made it home OK…not a scratch! It’s like my lucky day. as per the free stuff like lunch, I’ll have to post about that some day! you’ll love it!

  2. 2, 3, 5, & 7 – right on! Ever watch t.v. late at night and a commercial comes on advertising a scary movie? – I freak, I’m grabbing that remote as f-a-s-t as possible to change the channel *phewww! that was a close one!** My best friend is a mall rat and gets all her kids clothing for the next season for pennies on the dollar. That, and so much more. I’m very envious — she’ll say, “you like this? It’s was only 11 cents” and I’m like, “WTF? I paid 29.99!!!” Urgh! She did win the drawing at the VFW pancake breakfast too — I also would LOVE a tatt *but I have to lose weight first – I’m afraid it will shrink and people will need a magnifying glass to see it if I ever lose this excess baggage. And #7, every day, a new bill shows up! I’m right there with you — great list!!! Love it!

  3. i got you BFF and i’ll work on it tonight.

    how great that you are a fraidy cat too!! i HATE horror movies!! my friends made me watch Saw III and i watched most of it with a pillow over my head! i can just do without!

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