I don’t want to be a responsible adult any more!

 I want a new vehicle…and if you’re in the market for a Mercury Mountaineer and live in the area, do not read on! No just kidding. I have this problem of wanting a new car about 6 months after I buy one, and the old man likes to make me happy so he appeases me. We get a new car about every 18 months…just because I don’t dare go any longer with out renewing the license. Tee-hee! The current vehicle we have is dieing, and it’s no fault of mine mind you, but we just don’t have the time or the patients to fix it. But the problem is we always purchase a practical car…and it’s high time that I get to spoil myself with what I truly want.

It’s not like I want a brand new Aston Martin DBS…not that this would be bad, but all I’m asking for is something fun and fresh. I’m tired of looking like a soccer mom in my car.


(Not this exact one but it looks like this.)

I want to look like the young hot neighbor that doesn’t have kids and can get away with a two-door car.


(This is the one I found but he said NO!) 

Then again how about a four-door if it looks like this and I can just take it to Moab for the weekend.


(ya, the blue one…)

We help out every year with the local car show and it kills me that my old man has a truck to polish up and show, and he doesn’t even like to do it. Most of our friends have a little something something to take out on the cruise, or just to hop in and drive for a night out. How about this…


Or this…


I can’t convince him that I only drive to work 1 day a week and it’s 15 min away, and the rest of the time I carpool with someone that has a OCD necessity to only ride in her own car (she had a dream that she will die with someone else at the wheel…I know, don’t ask). And I’m hoping to transfer to the office that is closer to home this spring.

Help me if you have any great ideas for leaning him towards a fun car…before it’s to late!


3 thoughts on “I don’t want to be a responsible adult any more!

  1. Don’t you settle for a car you don’t like! I did and it is not a good thing to do to yourself. It’s a big investment and you shouldn’t regret it right after you buy it so make sure you like it!

    *I did that once for a car….I hated it. I got a great deal but it just sat in the driveway for a year, cause no one would drive it.

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