I hate to be sick…

Bronsonfive is an inspiration, and while I was home last week fighting the plague away, I decided to draw what I was feeling just to help you all understand how gross that being sick can be. So here it is in all it’s glory! The sickness that is gross.



11 thoughts on “I hate to be sick…

  1. LOL. This cracked me up. And then I felt guilty about it cuz you’re sick. **tries to muffle laughter** But your drawing is almost as good as my own artwork and boogers are just funny no matter what. Thanks for the giggles and get well soon, buddy!

  2. Oh, and yeah, I like your PJ’s too!

    * The PJ’s just add to the effect…I looked real hot walking threw wal-mart in them to get more OJ the other day.

  3. that sucks. I hate when my boogers are lime green like that and just spread across my upper lip. so un-sexy. I feel for you darlin!

    *I thought this is what lured the old man in to staying home with me…maybe he actually was sick to.

  4. Pure class!

    I love it.

    Get better and like joebecca said, it resembles a Hitler stash of sorts; I myself, am sporting a ZZ Top booger beard at the moment.

    Straighten up soldier.

    *It does! I’d like to see yours though.

  5. I’m not making this up. One of my nieces got a neat book about the human body this weekend, and as I was reading in it hoping for just a little nugget or two of information, I came across this fact: When you sneeze, about 40,000 droplets of bacteria in mucus and saliva are discharged from the nose and mouth. How does that make you feel????

    *eewwww! How was the race by the way?

  6. That looks like more than just A booger . . you gots the boogies baaaad, girlfriend!
    I hope you’re better soon . . and dont give me any of your germs!

    *Thanks girly…you got power again then? We was worried about ya.

  7. hahahaha i just saw this. it look like a moustache ! also you should sell those pajamas. they remind me of awesome computer games i used to play at my cousins house when i was little.

    hope you are better now !

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