my funky friends

 Valentines day can be such a worthless holiday in my eyes. I just don’t understand the whole process, I mean if you love me why do you need a special day of the year for you to remember to tell me that you love me? I tell my old man each and every day that I love him and most days he reciprocates with not choking me like he wants to.

Well, enough about me, and why I don’t get this, what I’m really about today is sharing the love…and the Thursday thirteen.


I received this special award from Mercedes rules and I have chosen thirteen lovely blogrollees to pass on the love to…thirteen peeps that I just think are just as funky as me. I just wanted to pass more around but then who would these people give them out to? Any how Patch and his (?) mom already gave it away to Two Lazy Dogs and had received it from Rusty and his (?) mom so I didn’t have to do the re-gifting thing to them, cause that would be strange.

So this is going to some new-be types that I’ve just found and love out here in blogland and of course some old favorites, so if you’re not familiar with someone on this list go visit!

  1. Miss Reggie– cause this gal is all about funky! She is the funky funk master
  2. Alyson– cause who knows better than this chickie about getting funky to some great music! Can I hear a h#&! ya for the Bon Jovi concert connoisseur?
  3. Drowning Pieces– This mistress of the funky business knows her way around the computer.
  4. Kaylee– this funky teen shows us old folks up with her mad skills! Not to mention she loves a Yankees fan…tee-hee!
  5. Ma 2 Jenna– Ok really any mother that can raise her kids is a hard working funky mama in my book! Ladies…you know who you are!
  6. Redneck Romance– another Thursday thirteen’er (I know that one is not a word) she has some great stuff and is funky Redneck style! Go Nascar!
  7. Teeni– Cause she has the funky meez that gets changed more often than mine!
  8. Kemi– Cause I cry when I have to take down the christmas tree also, just for a slightly different reason.
  9. Magpye– Casue this gal can get it on even in a graveyard! I know… how funky is that!
  10. Lumpy– Cause even the name of her blog is funky!
  11. Annie– She takes the cake for the CA funk! Can I come and visit you? ***and you should check out this gals stats! 100,000. Great work chica!
  12. Mum– And if Annie gets it for CA then this hottie gets it for the wild world down under!
  13. Mitty– Just cause she has the funky way of always making me (almost) pee myself with laughter.

15 thoughts on “my funky friends

  1. “Not to mention she loves a Yankees fan…tee-hee!”

    Yeah that one gets put against me alot….especially when I start dissing arod LOL! oops should i have mentioned that to a yankees fan?
    BTW i am proud to accept your funky award cause i am funky lol!

    *I make fun of A-Rod too…it’s just to hard not to! 😆

  2. I like your views about Valentine’s Day! I love the new layout too! Yes~Patch is a male (usually people think he is a girl-lol). You so funky!

    Patch’s Mom a.k.a. Mercedes

    * You are a doll! Thanks for the award and sorry it took me so darn long…I still need to do that meme also! Give patch a scratch behind the ear for me.

  3. No Problem~I just realized Rusty awarded me with another award about 2 weeks ago I think. Scratched Patch for ya. Hopefully we will find out results of biopsy tomorrow!

    *Oh let us know everything! btw I love the new avatar! that is so cute.

  4. Hey CG!
    Oh aren’t you a doll? Of course you can come visit me. I’d love to have you. We could go to Disneyland and wear those cool mouseketeer ears and ride on Pirates of the Carribean until we puke. Then we could have some very overpriced ice cream and sit in the promenade and watch all the sugar-crazed kiddies drags their folks around cuz they just spied Goofy.

    Thanks sweetie – cool, I be funky ‘n’ stuff. 😉

    *Woo hoo! oh wait…I have to work. we will plan that OK!

  5. Ahem! I’d like to thank the academy….LOL.

    Thanks for the plug. And for giving me a few more to check out. You totally deserve that award, btw.

    I don’t like Valentine’s Day much. But the roses helped today. Now, “I love you” I get every day. Flowers? Not so much. LOL.

    *Roses are always good.

  6. Wow – A funky blog award? That is so cool. I don’t have any like this! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Cowgal! I LOVE it! And you are correct, of course, no special day should ever be needed to tell/show loved ones how you feel. That should happen much, much more often! 🙂

    *I know, V-day is so crazy like that.

  7. Thank you so much for including me among the other funky bloggers! I’m honored and will proudly display at my site. With Love, FunkyLumpy *(say that fast 20 times, I dare you! I double-dog dare you!)

    *Ya I got threw it two times and then swore on the third time…oops! 😆

  8. holy carp ! award for mitton ! i dont know whether to cry or make a baby !

    thank you alot, goody. this award will help to motivate me to one day write something on my blog.

    four hugs !

    *Wow four hugs? that is great…thanks! 8)

  9. oh you’re a honey aren’t you? thank you sweetie….
    i’m going to need to do a page for my awards i think….this makes 4 or 5 i think…may have to go home and do that now…
    me? funky??
    WOOHOO….quit the compliment for an oldie like me

    *Look at that new avatar…you are funky girl!

  10. Hey you! Thank you for the award! I love funky! I love being identified as funky!!! Especially from Ms. Funky herself 🙂


  11. ooh! #1!!!! ha! i do love being funkdified as much as possible! thanks so much for the shout out BFF!!! you are truly one funky diva yourself!

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