What do married couples fight about in third world countries?

 The old man and myself seldom get in to a real fight. In fact I think the last one was about his mom and our wedding plans (just 9 years ago). Alas, I was having a small senseless scuffle with my old man last weekend (don’t worry, I won) about watching chick flicks vs. man shows and I got to wondering…what do people that don’t have things like movies argue about that would cause marital stress?

Well then…the Thursday 13 it is! I had to make a list to come up with some of the pointless things in life that (I’ve heard) married people can’t get along about, and why I think if they moved to a poor third world country that they could have a happily ever after marriage.

  1. Toothpaste and what end to squeeze…if you don’t have teeth there is no worry!
  2. The toilet seat, up or down…no indoor plumbing resolves this one
  3. What’s for dinner tonight…if there is no food, well then?
  4. Writing a check and forgetting to add it to the register…no checkbook no problem
  5. Watching too much TV…ya I don’t think this is a big one.
  6. Spending to much on Shoes and other accessories…dude, do these people even have 1 pair of shoes, let alone a matching handbag
  7. Quality time with the family and leaving work at the office…hello, maybe they should argue about getting a job.
  8. “Who is that on the phone?”…no reason to make an excuse for your hussy girlfriend there.
  9. “Do I look fat in this dress” type questions…once again, if you don’t have clothing nothing you wear (or don’t) will make you look any different.
  10. Mother in law problems…it’s not like she’s going to live to be 100 or something.
  11. “Who gets the new car?”… CAR? They have bigger issues like cardboard box housing!  
  12. Passing Aids to your spouse…well really you were probably born with it and there is not a lot of free medical clinics that test you for it before you got married.
  13. “Who is the father of that child?”…once again, you don’t just drive down to the hospital and demand a paternity test.

9 thoughts on “What do married couples fight about in third world countries?

  1. Living in the third World could save alot of hassle. You’re right.
    But I’d like to add to your number 1 there, “also not putting the cap back on.” I hate brushing my teeth of a morning after the missus hasn’t put the cap on.

    *eewwww…for real? that is just wrong!

  2. Wow. Lots of thought went into this. Maybe we could save a few marriages that are in trouble by sending the couples on trips to third world countries? Shouldn’t cost much to do and it would be for a good cause. 😉

    *Can you tell that I’ve been home sick with the old man all week?

  3. I absolutely positively love this post! This morning on the way to work I decided to listen to the radio for a change. I usually like complete quiet or maybe a book on tape. I’m turning into an old fogey! Anyway, in the short time I listened, I heard about some miserably poor people in Haiti who were eating yellow mud cakes (I’m not making this up) and about how over 1,000 people had been killed in Kenya. It put a different twist on some things I’ve been stressing out over.

    Anyway, great post. I might steal (er, borrow) some of your ideas for my blog.

    *go for it gal!

  4. Me and my wife only fight about the fact that she doesn’t like her belly button touched and the fact that I can’t keep my hands off it, because it’s so damned sexy. 🙂

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