Wait for me!

I just want to let you all know what is going on…I’m so sorry I haven’t got a chance to get over to all of my favorite stops around WordPress. My internet connection at home is pathetic, so I usually do most of my surfing at work. But the nice IT guys there have decided to block just about everything from me. I know I shouldn’t do this at work, but it’s just a wee bit addicting to read some of your blogs. You guys would get a kick out of some of the things that your blogs have been classified by the IT guys as.

Red, Evyl, Reggie, Emerald, and Talea you all have Porn web sites. Drowning Pisces, Inmate, Abarclay, Romi and Nook of Oz are all listed as shopping…I didn’t know that you guys are selling anything but send me a brochure via e-mail cause I can still get it there. As per the rest of you, most are hit or miss gaming sites and gambling. Some days I can access posts but not able to comment, so for the most part I’ll be pathetic excuses for a blogger.

Until I can plead my case to the administrator, or get a transfer to the new building that will open this spring closer to my home (where the Dr has no care in the world about internet access) I’ll just stop in when I can. I sure miss all you guys.


8 thoughts on “Wait for me!

  1. Awww – we miss you too! No worries though. You do what you can when you can. We’ll be here waiting for you! 🙂 I bet I was a gaming site – I get lots of hits for slot machines. LOL.

    *really? did I miss a post on that? I’m all about the slots…oh wait that sounds really strange.

  2. HAAAAAAAAA, I love that I’m a porn site! Hahahahaha. Incidentally enough, my last post title has the word ‘whore’ in it. Fun times, cowgal, fun times. Don’t worry, we all know what it’s like when the IT comes down hard on you. I’ve got a second computer at my reception, and soon everything will be switched over to that one, and they’ll be able to watch everything I do! You know what that means, right? I’ll have to start stealing internet at home so I can blog.

    *I’m going back to school for IT…just so I can get past the blocks.

  3. And we miss you too.
    Porn huh .. I’ll post some porn if that’s what they want .. I got plenty o’ porn.

    *Ya who! I’ll be over tonight when I get home!

  4. I’m obviously not trying hard enough if i missed the porn category! but shopping??? SHOPPING???
    man, give me the address of these it twits and i’ll give them shopping!!!
    not that there’s anything wrong with shopping, but porn would have been so much cooler!

    *I know…twits is right!

  5. well i will guarantee you I aint got no porn on my site LOL!

    *I’ll have to check it out from work monday…I’ll let ya know what they say.

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