This is the craziness that is someone else’s life.

  I love to check out my stats…who has been by and what links that they checked out and  if they found anything worth linking back to me from their own places, also which of my posts are rocking the charts and if that WordPress has sent any traffic via the main dashboard. But the thing that is the most fun on the stat page is the crazy search terms that people use to find me. Are these people really looking for me or just typing in random phrases in search engines to see what comes up (cause I do that too). This week has been quite a festivity of random thoughts. Some of my favorites for the week areØ      I’m no fool…well I know that I’m not a fool but I don’t have a clue if you are or not, especially if you don’t grace me with a comment.

Ø      Jiminy Cricket lines…I don’t think that Jiminy Cricket picked up a lot of ladies in his day, who knows maybe he has a whole mansion full of girls from the Mickey Mouse Club. Some of those gals have gotten pretty wild over the years, and about now have probably have hit rock bottom and are letting crickets pick them up.

Ø      Belinda “health club”…hey I’m not a health club owner, and I haven’t a clue who Belinda is. But if this is what you are looking for, have at it!

Ø      Some old side road Keith Whitley…I love this song, but I don’t remember writing anything about good old Keith on my blog. But if you see him, tell him howdy from the Cowgal.

Ø      When I’m an old lady…I don’t care if your old but hey don’t make me any older than I really am. I feel young and vibrant. But here is something to quench your apparent thirst for old age. ( I hope to age better than this)


Ø      Why my mom is important to me…she is not, I mean your mom, I don’t give a flying squirrels tail about your mom. My mommy on the other hand is way important.

Ø      Secret agent bug sales…is the bug the secret agent or is it just the sale that was a secret before I just let it out on my blog?

Ø      Chrome naked ladies…none here, sorry I prefer the hot naked men around here!



8 thoughts on “This is the craziness that is someone else’s life.

  1. Whoa – so you get some of those naked search too, huh? You get some interesting search terms. I may have to go back and check your older posts to find out why things like secret agent bug sales are leading back here. LOL. Anyway, these are always fun – thanks for sharing. 🙂

    *I love to look!

  2. Now see, yours are all CLEAN! Mine are usually not printable! What’s that all about? LOL.
    Since I changed the name of my blog, I get a lot of Redneck searches now. I’ll have to list mine for fun some day.

    *I bet you do! That has got to get pretty crazy over there!

  3. If you think you can find “Secret Agent Bug Sales” by searching online, then I doubt they are very Secret.
    At least you have more variety. I get the same 10 people doing the exact same searches day after day after day.

    *I just looked at you post of the same thing…

  4. Dude, that old lady rocks hardcore. I get bizarre search terms too, I think the weirdest was ‘sausage sag block’. I’m vegetarian, where the hell was I talking about sausages? But then again, when did you ever talk about naked chrome ladies?

    I live with a trucker…my life is chrome ladies.

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