Boredom Busters

 The Thursday 13 was such a hit last week I thought I’d try it again. This week we will do in investigative research project about what kinds of things you can do if you are sooooo board. This is a list of my favorites…

  • 1. Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks and have a puppet show. This is better if you have photos of people from work; you get your own episode of The Office.
  • 2. Go to your Dr’s office and steal magazines, without getting caught.
  • 3. Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
  • 4. Stand on your head
  • head.jpg
  • 5. Try and do a cartwheel, or if you have that mastered try a front hand spring
  • 6. Write your name in permanent marker on all your underwear, if you still need some fun do your husbands too!
  • 7. Break into a friend’s house and clean it…have I told you lately that you are all such dear friends to me, and my house is a disaster.
  • 8. Give names to your body parts…then again some of them have already been named. Tee-hee
  • 9. Let a helium balloon float up to your ceiling, lay on the floor, and throw things at it to pop it.
  • 10. Take a company that has been getting on your nerves – find out whom the person is that you should write complaints too. Write a letter to them with the most trivial or confusing complaint. Ensure you talk in circles so that the letter is well written but extremely confusing
  • 11. Take your TV outside (in the front yard is the best) and watch a movie or show and see if anyone stops by to watch it with you.
  • 12. Go to the 24 hr grocery at 1 a.m. even if you don’t need a thing.
  • 13. Read my blog! Ha ha ha…that’s funny hun.

There is about 500 more boredom busters at this site…but I’m sure we can come up with a way better list than theirs, come on guys what do ya got?


6 thoughts on “Boredom Busters

  1. LOVE IT! Although I hardly have time to get bored.

    re #2: Once my hubby came home from the dentist and presented me with a People magazine with JBJ on the cover. “Aren’t you proud of me?” he asked. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I already had the magazine.

    *An A+ for effort! good job husband!

  2. My mom always steals mags from the doc’s office. It grosses me out – who knows what germs are on there? Yikes. LOL.

    If I’m bored I can always rely on some fun happening if I change the sheets on the bed (whether it needs it or not) cuz the cats go completely bonkers and get all riled up and my male always tries to get under the sheets and the female will attack the lump that he has become. Always good for a few laughs and I may have to video it sometime to show you all. Yeah, I’m becoming the crazy old cat lady. What can I say? 😉

    *that would be funny!

  3. 14: Pour glue on your hand, watch it dry, then peel it.

    15: Paint things. Anything. I’ve painted those little glass rocks that go in vases, little silver coin slugs…once I got bored, and covered an entire music stand with doodles. .

    16: Eat celery.

    17: Rearrange the custom ringtones on your cell phone.

    18: Think of obscure people to look up on Wikipedia.

    19: Eat pickles.

    20: Play catch by popping the keys off of your computer keyboard. Those things can really fly!

    *I have #17 down to an art! Drives the old man nutty!

  4. Google bizarre phrases like “leg hair weaving” and just see what you come up with.
    Design tattoos you’ll never get, but would totally piss off your mom.
    Think of names for your next 5 pets.

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