The cowgal rides again


The evening sun was drifting away as the cowgirl was making the final push back to the homestead. She had sat her pony threw the heat of summer and was grateful the last stretch to her final destination was within sight. Her long golden hair, braided back for the final task at hand, swished as she set her pony to a slow trot to push the heard to the corals.

There was a reason she had worked so hard. The young mavericks, unclaimed and free for the taking to anyone who could take ‘em. She had her eye set on a fine young angus bull. She had seen him threw the summer months and knew he had come from the finest stock the rancher had. Young and strong, yet a little to confident of his freedom.

The cowgirl set out, determined to see her efforts flower into her dreams. Her most trusted companion, Dog, at her heels. Together they pushed the heard to the coral, where she could cut the mavericks out from the remainder of the ranchers stock. A little effort and she had them cut and cornered. Three young bulls. She had had trouble with the smallest of the bunch and knew to watch him closely, but she was determined not to let him distract her from the ultimate goal.  All she had ever wanted was a heard of her own, and this bull would prove to be the best pick from the heard. She sent the dog in first to weed out the troublemaker. Dog was sly and dodged all the kicks and horn the small bull threw her way, she two had tangled with his temper before. The cowgirl turned a blind eye to Dog when she got carried away with an extra nip at the small bulls heels, he had deserved it for the trouble he had caused them in the past. Possibly this would be a reminder to him, when they meet again, not to press his luck around them. The small bull then cut away and returned back to the heard, giving up that the cowgirl had not wanted to dance the dangerous steps with him.

She sat tight to the warmed leather of the saddle bending and moving with the sway of the pony, like they were one. The cowgirl had to pull all her best moves, cutting and distracting the other thick skinned bull to fall out from the corner where he clung to his companion. A little sweat and hard work and the patients paid off. The lone bull, the angus she had desired, succumbed to the persistent of the cowgirl and her dog. Eventually giving in to the seductive dance and letting her rope him to the fires and the eventual branding iron. He was hers.


One thought on “The cowgal rides again

  1. Ooooh – I think this is the first time I’ve been to your blog and seen some of your real writing. You should definitely do this more! 😀

    *I don’t know…it’s way out there!

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