The Thursday 13…

 I was browsing around the wordpress world today and found this link to a fun weblog that does a meme of sorts every week, every Thursday actually. The site can be found here, but to get to the point I thought the idea of doing a little get to know more about me (cause I’m such a princess and who wouldn’t want to know more about me) meme was a fun idea. So today will start the beginning of a new theme here at the cowgal palace of meme’s. The Thursday 13…

Today we will explore the top 13 books that I would buy if they existed.

  1. How to explain to a co-worker that they stink and need to bath.
  2. Telling your boss how much you’re really worth, and getting it.
  3. Inciting your creepy neighbors to move out.
  4. The all you care to eat (of what you want )and lose weight diet
  5. How to look like you didn’t eat ice cream at every meal.
  6. How to get your husband to get the to do list done.
  7. Setting up your sex swing and the best 50 positions that actually work.
  8. Lassie fell in the well…and Timmy leaves him to die.
  9. Getting over your fear of the dark.
  10.  The madness of your mother in law explained.
  11.  101 things to do for money that does not require me to leave my bed.
  12.  Selling your inheritance on e-bay and not feeling guilty.
  13. Getting the monkey off your back.

Now I know that # 8 is a little creepy but…I would probably still buy it.

Hope you enjoy and if you happen to see these books at the store let me know…

****This is an update for my dear moonbeam. Just ’cause it was you that asked I put up the reasons that I would like to buy these books.

  1. I work at a Family Practice Dr’s office and we have this lady that possibly showers like once a month. But nobody can approach her about the subject…akward!
  2. I want a raise…cause of course I’m worth it.
  3. I have crazy drug selling neighbors that I would love for them to move…not that when their high they aren’t a hoot, cause they are.
  4. Hello! Meet my new years resolution…every year! For some reason Ben & Jerry’s has never been on a diet plan I can stick to.
  5. What more needs to be said here.
  6. Same as above.
  7. I recommend a stud that is not to close to the corner of the room…and hello, my knees don’t do that…or that…or OUCH.
  8. I’m just so curious…would Timmy do such a thing after all that Lassie has done for him?
  9. Ya…I have a problem with this.
  10. Who wouldn’t buy this book for some light reading
  11. I’m a lazy gal…oh wait I wouldn’t do that! I guess that I should have read that all the way threw first. Tee-hee
  12. I will get stuck with my mothers collection of Nutcrackers when she dies…last count was up to 400 of the suckers. Where will I store that?
  13. Did I mention that I have a monkey…well I don’t but, I thought it would be a great coffee table book.

Check out these other timeless editions…


8 thoughts on “The Thursday 13…

  1. I love these! They’re hilarious, and some of them are intriguing. I want to know the untold stories behind the book requests. I was going to list the numbers of the ones I want to know about, but it ended up being 1 through 13.

    *Ok I’ll add to it!

  2. Hmmm… very interesting *she raises an eyebrow and strokes her chin*

    still waters… 🙂

    Love it darlin’! just love it!


  3. OMG – this was way too funny, Cowgal! I loved it loved it loved it! And I did used to have a monkey. Just so you know. Yes, a real one. It was a Capuchin – you know the old fashioned organ-grinder kind. He was cool and someday I will probably blog about him.

    *You must…I have always wanted to meet a monkey in real life!

  4. Thank you for the update (((cowgal)))! I now understand all. And that link was hilarious! It makes me want to write a children’s book, like: “You’re Right, I DO Love Your Brother More.”

    *Oh yes…I think my mom read that, because my brother is that golden child that can do no wrong.

  5. I really like #8 – it would be a children’s book, right? Id like to help you illustrate it if you decide to write it. And keep in mind, I have no artistic skills, but I still would like to be chosen.

    *What was # 8…oh yes. You are on board for sure!

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