It’s not a meme…ok so it is.

  I’ve been tagged by The gal over at 2 Lazy Dogs.Even though I had promised that I was done with the meme’s for a while, I find I just can’t refuse a friend! Here are the rules to this particular meme:

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
  2. Post the rules on your blog.
  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  4. Tag six random people and the end of your post-link to their blogs. (and I’m cheating and only doing four… so if you want it grab it up)
  5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  6. Let the fun begin!

Ok here comes the randomness that is my life.

  1. I hate wedgies…I must pick them. I don’t care who is watching. Ok, so I do have some limits. (If you don’t know what that is… Don’t ask!)
  2. I love bleu cheese. Even though my old man tells me it smells like dirty socks, I eat it.
  3. I don’t understand people that love to exercise…what is wrong with these people? I understand people that want to be fit or healthy but to LOVE exercise?
  4. Why can’t I wear white after Labor Day? Who wrote that rule, and when does it stop? I love my white sneakers and no one is going to stop me from wearing them all winter long!
  5. I hate smudge marks on glass. If you have glass doors on your building…clean them. It looks trashy if they are a mess.
  6. I love kids that have crazy original names…but I make fun of them. We have a great time at the Dr’s office laughing at the new babies names…oh the stories I could tell.

As for the tagging…well here are my picks, but if you don’t have time don’t fuss over it.

  1. Sksoze
  2. Knitting Interrupted
  3. Tick Flicker
  4. Granola Gal

7 thoughts on “It’s not a meme…ok so it is.

  1. Thanks for playing!
    Love your randomness…
    1. I agree, that’s why I hate underwear (#89 of my 101)
    2. Me too
    3. Exactly
    4. What rule, ha!
    5. Oh…you’d hate my front door. It’s all glass and the dogs lick it constantly. I can’t keep it clean. Yuk.
    6. Agree…or what about kids with the same first and last names? ie: Bill Bills. Nice. Why do people do that to their kids?

    *well I’ll give ya a break if it’s the dogs…just cause I can’t be mad at them.

  2. Haha…I am SO with you on going for food that TASTES good, sometimes smells are deceptive!

    And screw the white rule, I break that as soon as I find something that looks nice on me 😉

    *ha ha we’re free! I hate rules.

  3. Memes are so much work! But I do love reading them when someone else does them! LOL. Cowgal, yours are always interesting!


  4. They say it’s alright now to wear white after labor day. I read it in Glamour mag, so it has to be true, right??

    *white jeans here I come…oh wait I don’t own white jeans, cause I’m a slob.

  5. haha….you and I must be soul sisters! I have the same random things!

    About the baby name thing #6: I work at a domestic violence shelter. A client came in a few weeks ago with her newborn and I went to fuss over her and I dared to ask “so what’s her name?” her response (wait…sit down and breath, breath again…you ready?) her name is: YOUR HEINESS! I swear. I had to ask again just to double check and then confirmed it with a coworker.

    That girl has no chance at life!

    *That is just wrong…so wrong. Thanks for the visit.

  6. Dude, when the hell did anyone except uber rich folk with their labour day parties follow that rule? Seriously. And um…my name is actually Emerald. Does that mean I get made fun of? And Talea? She gets it WAAAY worse than me. Cause, you know, my name doesn’t rhyme with Korea, or Salsa or Pasadena or whatever she just got called.

    *um no making fun of you gals…we have a small town and there is a gal named Justa Cowgirl Lastname. thats what I make fun of.

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