The real 12 days of Christmas

Miss Cowgal Truelove
Somewhere, USA

January 3

Hey, Vacuum-for-a-brain:

What are you? Some kind of freak? Now there’s nine ladies dancing…right in the smelly you-know-what and tracking it all over my house. The way they’ve been bickering with the milk maids, I hesitate to even call them ladies. You’ll get yours, buddy.



2 thoughts on “The real 12 days of Christmas

  1. This reminds me of a skit a wacky friend of mine produced all low-budget style. She goes on one date with a guy, and the freak signs her up for the ‘kitten of the week’ club, and can’t undo it ‘because of all the sodomy involved’ in getting her in. So she ends up waiting for the postman every week to refuse the package. But she’ll sneeze and then the box is just there! Eventually she freaks out and runs down the street kicking this box, and then just gives up, puts on a shower cap and garbage bag and sits at the breakfast table with all these cats, shouting “GET OFF THE TABLE!!!” Hi-larious.

    *ha ha ha…I want to see that.

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