I have completely fallen in love with the world of blogging.

 When I stared my blog here at WordPress I just wanted a place to express my feelings and try writing for the world to see. scared.jpgscared.jpgI was scared and nervous


and didn’t want to give out any personal information on the Internet (cause who knew what type of freaky people are out there). I didn’t tell a sole that I was writing and tried to hide it from my friends and family for the first few posts…just to make sure. Then I let my old man and my mom in on the secret. The old man was just glad I didn’t have my nose in a notebook all day jotting down crazy ideas and dreams that I had hitherto packed around for the last year. Mom on the other hand was totally indifferent. She asked me from time to time what I was doing on the web all day long (because I had drifted from my normal baseball stats to the blog genre).

When I felt a little more comfortable with my writing I suggested, at a meeting, for me to do a little wordpress page for the local car show that my parents (along with some friend and family) put on for the city celebration. The idea was a way for me to show off a little and not show off my own page to everyone (just to get some feelers out so to say). While I thought it was a cute little page and worked so hard on it, not a single person on the committee even bothered to check it out. I was amazed the day of the show to hear of a few people that found information about the show from the page. My little heart swelled up with pride after I posted a list of the winners.

woohoo.jpgwoohoo.jpgwoohoo.jpgMy stats jumped clear to 200 views, woohoo.jpgwoohoo.jpgwoohoo.jpgwoohoo.jpgI even had my best day ever with 16. I would have never thought. Then one day I stumbled upon a comment (on a favorite blog at that time) that would change my life forever.

Abarclay will be a name I never forget for the rest of my days…this is the exact comment I read…

“I put a link to your blog from my blog. I hope that’s alright with you. I think your writing kicks ass. AB (abarclay12.wordpress.com)”

Wow I thought what a great way to compliment the writer of that blog…how do you add a link? I sauntered over to her place…holy cow! I laughed for a week before I could comment.

I was willing to bet that this gal had some great links and thus threw the power of wordpress (and a few comments of your own) I found a whole new world.

Now to get down to the nuts and bolts of this here post, I have to tell you a little more about myself. Bearwith me here…I promise it will be worth it. I have always hated winter and Christmas. I’m not going to bore you with all the details but this season has been wonderfully different. My desk looks out over the bleak and colorless countryside, this year though I just ignored the lifeless frozen world that depresses me and stared at my computer screen. Up, up, up you have lifted my spirits and my dreary days of winter are flying by at an incredible rate. The old man even commented on the change. While he still has no idea what I blog about he is familiar with a few names I throw out in conversations. When I got some Christmas cards this year he asked “who is this from?” And like a giddy school girl going to her first dance, I would yank the card form his hand and reply “MY blog friend”. That’s right…I got a card that was not from a family member, prevoius co-workers, or the dentist or milkman. In fact I got a few from blog friends. (P.S. they ment a lot, can you tell?) 

So just to say thanks I want to throw out a little thank you award for you to display on your blog…


This is for all you gals that just make me laugh and remember that life is just life…it’s not going to change just because you think it’s not fair or if you throw a temper tantrum. It’s just life. Plain and simple. Enjoy it while you’re here, cause if you don’t…well you will be that old grumpy lady that lives down the block that scares the neighborhood kids and…well you get the just of it.

So this is to everyone that is on my Blogroll. If you have earned a place their then you know that you have warmed my heart. Thanks.


11 thoughts on “I have completely fallen in love with the world of blogging.

  1. Aw, you’re such a sweetheart! I lub your blog. But seriously, I kind of plan to be the crotchety old lady down the street who scares kids. And I find throwing a tempter tantrum can change a lot, especially if you’re holding knitting needles….just a thought! 😛

    *I can SO see you chasing the little brats…ha ha ha. I’ll let ya, that is just to fun not to see.

  2. hey i’m on your blog roll. i’m not exactly known as a heart warmer though…but i do aspire to being the grumpy old guy.

    *You do the heartwarming thing too, but I will try and keep that between us from now on.

  3. this blogging is addictive, and your blogroll is your own little community…i repeat what i said recently…you’ve been a delightful addition to my little community in 2007…and I can’t wait to see what little snippets you come out with in 2008
    and i’ll let you in on a secret…i’m ALREADY that grumpy little old lady down the block…and it’s YOUR block honey!!

    * 8) I knew it was you…j/k

  4. I understand your sentiments exactly, I too have fallen in love with blogging. It’s just so much fun and it doesn’t matter if nobody cares about what you say, at least you were able to get it out of you.
    On another note, thank you so much for the compliment! You’re a sweetheart of a gal and your blog is adorable.
    Stay warm through the dreary winter and hey, be glad you’re not going through a Canadian winter!

    *Ya…it’s cold enough here.

  5. You rock.

    A lot.

    I rock a tiny, inconsistently bit, but you rock a lot.

    A late cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years for my favorite blogger who is a favorite reader of my unfavorable mess!

    First day I’ve stopped moving the in the past week. 3 states, from 50 degrees in New York city for Christmas to 3 days of white out snow storms just shy of the Canadian border for the New Year, I’ve made it back to the base one more time, to check in on ya.


    *you rock too. Who else do I get to read about chasing toby keith around!

  6. What a sweet post! I’m so glad we’ll be getting to hear more about you – I am looking forward to those posts. I’m also glad that blogging has helped you get through a time you normally don’t like. That is awesome! I was just gonna ask where your blogroll was and poof – there it is! Just showed up in front of my eyes. I’m so taking one of your little snow-bears! 🙂

    *you run with it girl.

  7. I love your blog, MsCowGal from Utah. You’ve grown, you’ve shared, you’ve made many advances through your blog, and it’s wonderful isn’t it! You are an awesome individual!

    *aahhh shucks…right back at ya kiddo.

  8. You get cards from your dentist and milkman?
    Blogging does bring up many surprises. It was through blogging that I met my missus. We’ve been together for about 18 months. Things are going great and we are looking to move over to Spain early this year.
    Blogging certainly does have plus points in my opinion too.
    Happy New Year Utah.

    *Spain…wow. as for the cards, ya my milkman & dentist lubs me.

  9. I should’ve sent a card. I ran out. But I love you blog anyway and I’m glad you like mine even though I don’t blog much anymore.

    *It’s hard to stay on it…but I do love to check your place out.

  10. Nothin’ like feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you kiddo. This blogging thing… it’s hard to describe isn’t it? I found your site not too long ago… and you were on a meme kick… these last couple of posts have been sooo great to read… A little peak into a new friend… it’s better than Christmas! I so look forward to coming to your blog each day. And Abarclay was right… you kick ass!

    *I read over some of my meme’s and wow I did get it all covered there didn’t I?

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