Things I want to get done…

 Sometimes I’m amazed at the rate at which we age…when I was younger, I though I would never be old enough to do anything fun. Now I find I don’t have the time, let alone the funding.

While working away at something the other day I was a little taken aback at my age…I didn’t really think that my parents would let me live to18 before they killed me, and when I got married, well lets just say the old man has been ever so gracious to let me live threw some of the things I throw his way (could I be the cause of his high blood pressure?)

Anyhow I though back to all the things I wanted to do before I get old…to me, that age, (way back when I was a kiddo) was 30.

Here is a little list of the30 things I want to accomplish before I turned 30. I had set aside many a list in my youth, but have compiled a list of the more reasonable ones that I would still like to have done before the big three-O. I don’t think marring Paul McCartney is still a must do, let alone some of the other outrageous aspirations of my youth. So I’ve updated and re-arranged and the completed ones will be in bold.

  1. Skydiving or Parasailing
  2. Rappelling or Rock Climbing
  3. Tattoo
  4. Piercing
  5. Have my art on display in a gallery (I don’t even color very well)
  6. Finish my genealogy (as much as I can) and write a book for my family
  7. Learn to do something crafty…and do it well & enjoy it.
  8. Become a game show host
  9. Write a children’s book
  10. Have my book published
  11. Have children of my own
  12. Make a bet you couldn’t afford to lose
  13. Leave a casino with their money, and more that what I went in with.
  14. Go (back) to school and get a degree (in anything I don’t care)
  15. Sing in public (and not while drunk at a karaoke bar.)
  16. Drive a wickedly cool car…even if I don’t own it.
  17. Appear on live TV
  18. Visit all 50 states and see the capitol building in each
  19.  Escape a perfectly justified parking ticket.
  20.  Dial 911
  21.  Use a fire extinguisher
  22.  Drive at more than 200mph.
  23.   Spend more than your monthly income on one (not needed, but wanted) purchase
  24.  Shoot a big game animal…and gut it myself.
  25.  Ride the Worlds Biggest Roller coaster…or at least a really big one.
  26. Win an award for an achievement or goal
  27. Win a crown (I’m such a princess)
  28. Learn to play an instrument. (Ok so it’s a work in progress)
  29. Go Backstage at a concert, someone cool. Not just a local band.
  30. Meet your hero (besides my daddy)

Looks like I have lots of work to do…


8 thoughts on “Things I want to get done…

  1. Hmmm – some of them still seem a little out there. You better practice your coloring if you want your art to ever hang in a gallery! LOL. This was a fun read. I’m surprised you have shot a big game animal. What did you win an award for? And what did you win a crown for? I’m all curious.

    *Of all things…Miss Congeniality for the crown, as well as I won 1st and 2nd attendant to the Miss “Small town” of Utah. As for the award, well I won a church award for doing a bunch of goals over a 4 year period. It was a nice thing to finally have done. My gosh I sound like a gloat. Sorry.

  2. Hey Cowgal,
    I can totally see you as a talk show host. Especially if you had Teeni as your sidekick. Good luck on these. How much time do you have before the big 3-0?

    *Oh ya…Teeni what do ya say? Just a year now till then. I better get on the ball hun…

  3. Here’s a tip on escaping the parking ticket. Swap it with the car next to you, if they got a ticket too. Chances are they will pay your ticket for you. And you? You can put a photo of THEIR ticket up on your blog. With all pertinent info blocked out, of course.

    *Way good idea!

  4. I’d gladly be your sidekick! Just don’t trust me to be handing out any big old checks like Ed McMahon did for Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. I think that would be too much temptation for me. 😉

    *Na…We’ll have some really hot beefy guys for that. I’m thinking you could take that fancy announcing job. Like on all the good shows…we can have a little monolog at the first of every show.

  5. You won a crown? What was the crown for?
    I think my list would look a little like this…
    1) Complete list of 30 things to do before turning 30
    2) …
    Eeep, and I only have 4 years to finish. Best get started.

    *4 years??? get to it, buddy!

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