Ok so I don’t really hate Christmas but I just wanted to get it off my chest. I have been trying to not be my normal grinchy self this Christmas, yes…me, but I have had it. I made a stop over at Writer Chicks and read her loverly post about the Peeves of Christmas and I just had to write or I will have a meltdown.

Oh wait that sounds totally wrong…I loved WC’s post. I just have had enough with the whole crap that is the “holiday season”. Since making a list makes me feel better this is how we will break it down.

*     If you sign on to be the Salvation Army Bell Ringer…ring the damn bell!!! Get off you cell phone and tell me Merry Christmas when I drop in some $$$. I swear it’s not that hard…

*     Please don’t ask me to provide a gift for someone in the office for a sub-for-Santa. If I would like to help out I will…but maybe I’m struggling and didn’t beg the boss to provide for my family. I’m so tired of all the “you need to help out this family because”…um well no I don’t! I work hard for my cash and maybe they should too! The office asked us to provide toys for the 4 kids. Ya think? Well I don’t. How about pool our recourses together and buy a coat or a pair of winter boots for the kids. Maybe provide the family with a nice Christmas dinner?

*     Family Christmas parties…I don’t like you people and we don’t speak all year long, why do you invite me every year to your party? Is this a nasty joke that I don’t understand? I have a very hateful extended family that will screen your calls all year and then they want me to show up for this? Like my absence from the annual Christmas photo will hurt feelings

*     Shopping and the perfect gift. This is not what Christmas is all about. I celebrate the birth of the savoir. Santa is just an added bonus. I think the perfect gift is to celebrate the season with the ones you love and doing the things you love. And no one can put a price on that. One of my co-workers and I were talking about this and she told me the only thing that would make her Christmas was to have her son home form Iraq. All the ribbons and bows won’t make up for time…especially time with your family.

*     Christmas light displays…this is so out of control. I love to go and look at Christmas light displays and all that…but for heaven’s sake. The local golf course charges $ 6.00 to let you drive yourself threw their winter wonderland. Don’t get me wrong the price is ok if you (like most Mormons around here) have a 15-passenger van with 20 people in it. But can there be a date night discount for couples that just want to get out and enjoy the festivities…oh yes there is that romantic hay ride, that you sit (scrunch) with 18 other couples that want to be alone. Ya know on second thought…I’ll just stay at home.

*     On the Christmas lights, if you are not willing to take the time and put them up nicely…just don’t bother. I don’t give a darn if you want to out shine the rest of the block…just do it right!!!


13 thoughts on “I HATE CHRISTMAS!!!

  1. See? This is precisely why I got my rant out of the way early! heehee. I hope you feel better now though. Now you can enjoy the time off from work and relax and do some stuff you like! 🙂 Hugs to you, Cowgal!

    *Oh thanks (((hugs)))

  2. LOL Cowgal! I am so with you on this. And charging for the light display? Are you frickin’ kidding me? Why is it they want you to give of your heart and pocketbook but the reverse is rarely the case? Puleeze!

    Teens is right, now, kick off your shoes – watch your favorite vid, have some chocolate, popcorn and any other taboo food you like and unplug the phone.

    Enjoy your Christmas even without the perfect gift – something tells me you’ll manage just fine.


    *Thanks and ((((big hugs))) to you also!

  3. I’m with you–word for word–on those dreadful extended family Christmas parties. Have a Happy Christmas with the family you have made!

    *Thanks for the visit…you have a great one to!

  4. Hmmm. Sounds like somebody needs a nap. Just kidding. I know exactly how you feel. About those light shows, there are several around here that charge $$ to drive through. Crazy, huh? A couple of the things that really peeve me are: (1)everyone getting so stressed out (including me) because we’re all so determined to have such a perfect holiday that we drive ourselves crazy in the process. (2) people saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

    *Ohhhh how loverly a nap would be. I love to say Happy Christmas…it’s fun to see people’s faces.

  5. alcohol! that’s the answer…gets you through the family gathering, and the positive is that you’ll say what you DO think, not what you THINK you should say…i did that one year with some particularly revolting relatives i got talked into having christmas with…never been invited back since…
    if that’s not an option tell ’em to piss of and leave you alone!
    not a lot other than the commercilisation gets to me at christmas i have to be honest…that and the retailers starting on you at the beginning of november..by boxing day here, as soon as the “post christmas sales” are finished there will be murmurings about easter!! WTF is with that???

    *We do get to slide in Valentines Day…I saw a few things for that while shopping on Saturday.

  6. I say pool your resources and buy the poor family with four kids a big old jumbo pack of condoms. Just a thought….

    I’m boycotting Christmas this year. Nobody’s getting anything, and I don’t really care about it. And I thought it’d cause a big brew-ha-ha, but everyone’s cool with getting no gifts. They understand Christmas is out of control and are totally okay with me not wanting to partake this year.

    *condoms…that is a great idea

  7. I am asking everyone that has ever talked to Stephanie on mormonsrock site (http://mormonsrock.wordpress.com) to go there now and leave a special word for her on her latest post – you will know which one.
    She needs our kind words and prayers right about now – she has given us so much and she is feeling down and it is up to us to show her that we do care about her.
    Please spread the word – I would like her to see how many good things people will say about her instead of all of the negative things she has had to put up with – and don’t forget that her husband is in Iraq and she and him need our prayers.

    *good idea!

  8. hate it or not, i’ve just dropped by to say merry christmas to you and yours sweetie….i hope it bring everything you could wish for…christmas eve here in oz today and i’m about to log off and go cook some more for tomorrow so this is my last round…
    cheers darlin’…you’ve been a pleasant, unexpected additon to the nook this year….

    *Oh words like yours make me remember what the season is all about! Thanks darlin’

  9. That salvation army thing is hi-larious. Can you please take a picture of a salvation army guy on his iPhone NOT ringing that damn bell. I’ll make it into my christmas cards for next year.

    Have a good christmas.

    *OK will do!

  10. Haha…this was great; I felt like you really unleashed a lot frustration here; I hope you feel better! 🙂

    And I know exactly what you mean; I am way past the point of caring about “monetary value” objects wrapped in boxes with my name on it; all I want for Christmas is to be close with the people that are far away, so if Santa could bring me that, I’d be one happy chick!

    PS: thanks for stopping by earlier, and Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

    *Hope it was a great one for ya!

  11. I loved this. Thank you. Especially the lights stuff. Luckily my 3 year old is impressed by everything so we don’t have to pay for anything except gas and drive around the neighborhood.

    *ya know the ones in the neighborhood are some of the best anywho…

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