My Christmas gift

OK so it’s really a joint gift for the family, but I got to open and use my new computer. Just look how happy the old man was to come home and find it all ready to use…


I worked so hard while the old man was out (he had to plow snow) that as you can see, I even wore out the doggies.



7 thoughts on “My Christmas gift

  1. Congratulations on your awesome gift! Very nice – I wish you many happy, healthy hours using it! Poor little tired pooches! lol 🙂

    *Pathetic aren’t they…they were so busy licking me when I got down under the desk to hook everything up that when I returned to the chair to start downloading junk they just crashed.

  2. Oops – hey your old man isn’t so OLD! He looks pretty pleased though so you musta done good!

    *He is just enough older that I can call him that. And we caught him on a just cut the gray out of his hair time.

  3. ohhh…. new tech toys….. slobber slobber!!!
    Almost better than se… uh chocolate 🙂

    *I know…almost, but not quite!

  4. Dude! You got a Dell. I got a Dell. Two of’em actually. Laptop and desktop. Nice computers…very pleased. I hope yours work as nicely as mine.

    *So far so good…untill the old man crashes it with all his gaming madness!

  5. Such a sweet looking man!
    Is that a Corgi? I looves Corgis.

    *just the upgrade model…Australian Cattle Dogs or Heelers like we call ’em.

  6. I love Dells. This old desktop is a Gateway, but my laptop is a Dell Inspiron, and it’s wonderful. I’ve only had it a couple of years, but my materialistic side already wants a new pink one.

    *we are loving it!

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