A photo meme…I know, I know not another one.

  I snagged this from Beck’s Blatherings – a fun photo meme! Just type in the answers to the questions on google images. Then paste the first picture that comes up. Ready? Here we go!

Age at my next birthday…


Place I’d like to travel…


Favorite place…


Favorite objects…


Favorite food…



Favorite color…




Place I was born…



5 thoughts on “A photo meme…I know, I know not another one.

  1. for a second there i thought ur fav food was puppies 😛

    *I went back and looked…it does seem that way for a moment. I thought about fixing it, but alas.

  2. Cowgal
    What a cute little meme. I like it. I really liked your age on the train, nice touch. 😉

    *I’m so glad it’s not 30 yet…I have so many things I want to do before then. I need to get started.

  3. That really is a cute meme. Might have to come back and snag that one some time. But it will have to be after the new year though as I am still playing catch up with posts I want to put out there. LOL. But soon you are going to be known as the meme queen, my dear. We will all have to consult with you to find the best ones. 😉

    *I was trying for a record you know!

  4. I totally stole this one! Except I had to explain a hell of a lot of things, like why Kiefer Sutherland is my picture for my next birthday, and why it looks like I was born at the Eaton Centre. Fun times!

    *Comming to check it out…

  5. Ooh, Barnes and Noble is great big fun!

    *I just wish I lived closer…I have about a 40 min drive to the nearest store, so every time I go I spend 2 hours.

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