It’s been a real nice day

Just for anyone that cares…I HATE CATS! Ok so maybe that is not as true as it looks. I like my parents’ cat, (but who doesn’t like a cat that will play fetch?) I just don’t like your cat!  But this picture just freaks me out…who can love a butt-sniffing cat that just lies around all day? Enjoy your day…cause this is how my day is going! Cat’s lol



One thought on “It’s been a real nice day

  1. Oh, I love cats. I like all animals really. And as long as you aren’t going out of your way to be mean to them then that’s okay with me. My mom doesn’t like animals much and is terrified of dogs. Strangely enough, she now owns a dog – a tiny little one that she couldn’t be terrified of and she loves it more than us kids, I swear. LOL.

    *I want to be mean…you know, when the stupid things are on my car. But I just can’t bring myself to do it! Deep down I love all animals too!

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