More silly holiday fun

What holiday gift are you? I must be this cause blogthings is never wrong!

You Are Socks!

Cozy and warm… but easily lost.
You make a good puppet.

What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?


5 thoughts on “More silly holiday fun

  1. Socks are the best worst gift….

    They are the things you hate when you get them….But the next day when you’re putting them on you’re like “damn, I’m glad I got these.”

    *I know…stupid useful things. I want toys!

  2. Dude, those are adorable socks! I would totally wear those! I’m also stealing this quiz for my blog, you’ve got the best little fun things going on here!

    *Oh thanks…I’ll be over to visit and see what you do with it!

  3. I lied. It said I was a losing lottery ticket ‘full of promise, but in the end a cheap letdown.’ 😦 I’m not putting that on my site! It goes against all my well versed narcissism!

    *Oh that bites…that is a crappy gift. That may be what I get for my family. tee-hee!

  4. UH OH…. Socks has got to be better than what I was…

    You Are a Losing Lottery Ticket!

    Full of hope and promise.
    But in the end, a cheap letdown.

    That hurts my feelers…….:-(

    But then again….I can think of several people that deserve losing lottery tickets……..


    *cheer up girly! we will just go get a pair of socks for you!

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