christmas card exchange

 Hey that cute (and hard working) WC over at her blog had the finest of ideas. She is doing a Christmas card exchange with all of her friends from the blogosphere. I was thinking of stealing her idea and doing the same thing…cause I don’t have enough other things to keep me busy.

Ok let me be honest…I have an obsession with buying cards. I love them, and Christmas cards are usually the hardest to resist. I purchase cards and stash them away for just the right occasion. When I was pulling out my cards to send this year, I realized that not only had I ordered hand made ones (from a co-worker) I also have about 6 boxes of others that I have bought and tons of singles that just caught my eye while in the store.

So my great idea is instead of some type of intervention where I’m forced to throw out my lovely, lovely cards…I would like to send them to you. So someone gets enjoyment out of them besides myself.

If you would like to get in on my (crazed obsession) card exchange, just drop me a line by e-mail (on the contact the cowgal page) and I’ll send you one out. I mean who doesn’t like to get something besides a bill in the mail these days?

Oh great…now I’ve done it. I just googled Christmas cards to find a photo to add here and found more great cards I want to buy. Like this one that is for a charity
(see here)



2 thoughts on “christmas card exchange

  1. LOL Cowgal, you are obsessed with cards as much as I am. I love them too. Never leave me alone in a card shop, it just isn’t a pretty thing. Especially the aisle where they have the funny ones.

    Glad you liked the idea enough to do it yourself. I think it’s a fun, fun, thing.


    *The old man refuses to wait for me outside of Hallmark. I could be in there all day. 😉

  2. This is a marvelous idea. I LOVE getting cards and will send you my address. It had crossed my mind to do the same thing with some of my blogging buddies, so if you want one from me (complete with a picture of hubby and me), send me your address via email.

    *hey great idea, then I can put a picture with the name.

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