Running for President in 2008

  While I try and claim that I pay attention to the major issues that face our nation, I seem to be having trouble picking and sticking to a candidate that I would back for President in the 2008 election. Issues that seem to be important to me must become prioritized. Reading a post on Mormons Rock I found a link to a site that helps break down the issues and lets you select the importance of the issues and then rates your answers to help you find a candidate along the same line of thinking. While at first I was completely appalled that someone would base their vote on a compiled list of stats that a computer rates and grades for you…I later went and check out the site for myself. I would actually recommend this site for anyone that seems to be having the same problem…I was not really impressed with my actual test results…but I was very evasive with my answers, I didn’t choose that any issue weighted heavier than another. The thing that did catch my attention was the way that the candidates were laid out in the end…you received a score for each candidate as well as a break down of his or her issues that you agreed and disagreed with as well as a link to each candidates website.

Also while browsing around I found a link to a guide for breaking down the political parties. While I personally try and vote for the person and not the party, it’s nice to know what kind of people will be supporting (and financially backing) each candidate.

Then again if it becomes too much to handle you can always go this route…Comedy Central has put together a lighthearted (yet terrifyingly accurate) poll guide. Indecision 2008 has everything from videos to wallpaper and bad parodies that in their words are “something approximating election news with something approximating honesty”.

Whatever you choose for the 2008 elections, I hope you choose to use your vote. That is what America is all about!



4 thoughts on “Running for President in 2008

  1. Off topic, but I just wanted to drop in and tell you that you’ve been tagged for a meme! I hope you can rise to the challenge, but no pressure and no stressing allowed.

    *Oh goodie I’ve been a meme thing here lately!

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