Holiday Meme

 1.      Holiday parties: fun or no?

Usually not…since most involve family or co-workers.
2. Holiday shopping: fun or no?

Way fun…the best thing is adding junk to other peoples shopping carts
3. Black Friday: fun or no?

Once again…adding things like condoms to little old ladies carts is the funniest thing you have ever seen.
4. Playing in the snow: fun or no?

Not anymore…since the old man plows snow in the winter we got rid of the snowmobiles and fun toys…  😦
5. What kinds of things are traditions for your family during the holidays?

My mom and auntie and myself go to the Nutcracker Ballet every Friday before Christmas…we have done this for the last 23 years and have never missed it.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Meme

  1. Snow is always fun! Like the six inches we got this weekend, which tried to melt yesterday and turned into that really heavy slushy kind of snow, and then least night it got really cold and so now instead of six inches of snow we have three inches of ice!

    *I hate that…but the old man plows snow, so when it’s ice, he is gone all night.

  2. Loved your answers for 1 and 2! You almost took the words right out of my mouth for #1. #2.. I wish I had the nerve!

    Never been much of a snow person… go figure, live in CO. and never been skiing. I like the indoor winter sports… cuddling, watching movies, cuddling….. drinking hot cocoa, cuddling….. 🙂

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