For the love of money

 I had a sleepless night and while I tossed and turned I thought a lot about the money I’ll never see. I’ve just resigned myself that if I never buy a lotto ticket I’ll never win! I know imagine that. But I had a fun time thinking about money and the ways that I would spend it. So I decided to do a meme of sorts and share…cause that’s just the way I am.

  • 1) If you won the Lotto for 200 million dollars what would you purchase first (something you don’t already have)?

Given that I can’t use this to pay off my home…I would go buy a boat. I have always wanted one to go skiing.

I really wanted to spice up the master suite…but I’m sure that room has everything the man would need…so I’ll go with the kitchen, something swanky and posh.

  • 3) You win an all expense trip around the world for 80 days…where do you stop along the way?

First stop New York City…then on to the British Isles; London, Dublin, Edinburgh, threw Europe; Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Athens and a stop in Dubai & Egypt. I’ll catch Moscow and Beijing and Tokyo and I would like to see Australia & New Zealand and some of the smaller islands in the Pacific. Since I need to see the whole world and it’s paid for as well…we better stop in Alaska and Canada also.

  • 4) You have an opportunity to bid on a day with your favorite star/ hero (living or dead, fictional I don’t care) who would you choose and how much would you be willing to spend?

Ok I’ll split this one up cause I can’t really set it to one.

For my living I’ll have to go with Hugh Jackman…cause he is so hot, I’ll just drool all over him for the day.

For my dead guy I’d like to say Dean Martin…he had such a wonderful voice and a great career. I could talk all day to him about his life.

Last but not least my fictional pick would be Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.  Yummy!

And I’m cheep so I’ll go $1000 for any one of them.

  • 5) After you have become famous…for what ever reason, you are invited to be a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy where all the winnings go to the charity of your choice…after a grueling bout with William Shatner and Regis Philbin you win with $500,000 to donate…who gets the dough?

I would like to split it up and give to a hospital or a veteran’s fund but I’m childish and this is my fantasy and so the money goes to the Wildlife Federation to help the polar bears!

So this is it…have a go at it if you like.


6 thoughts on “For the love of money

  1. If I win the Lottery, I will hire an African American Midget to be a living lawn jockey in my front yard. I will also hire a Caucasian midget to be a living yard gnome. That should win me a couple of Yard of the Week awards.

    *I love it! it’s all about the yard of the week around here…that should do the trick!

  2. first of all..LMAO at efnevyl on the “living yard gnomes”..haha…

    Secondly, I love how your visit to Canada if influenced by “since you have to see the whole world and it’s paid for as well”…and I love how it’s “Canada and Alaska”…lol….I mean realistically, I can almost see why you’d say that, because there’s so many far off exotic things to see, and “next-door-neighbour” wouldn’t really top the list…but still, you make me laugh..although, if you ever visit, I will shower you with Canadian welcome gifts, dominated by many bottles of maple syrup 😉

    *How did I know that would catch your eye. Nothing gets past you girly!

  3. Hey CowGalUtah! Thanks for stopping by my site today. Isn’t it just delicious opening up your blog to find new people hanging out!! I’m new to this.. so that may explain my excitement…. or…. I’m easily amused. Either way… works for me! So… Looks like we have something else in common besides Madams Alanon. I LOVE DEAN MARTIN!
    “Hey mambo
    mambo Italiano….!”

    *I still like new visitors…and go Dean-o. What a hotty, hun?

  4. um BFF, you forgot Michigan 😦

    I have to say if i could bid on a fictional character it would definitely be Dirk Diggler from Boogie Nights for oh-so-obvious reasons!!! 😉

    *I know…I would come and see you even if I didn’t have a paid trip around the world.
    As for Dirk…I know, he had such a great smile. 😆

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