A Real American President…


So when I saw this photo I was sure that it was a misrepresentation of Senator Obama, some kind of photo-shop slander for the opposing team. Well from what I read in the MSN news today, it’s the real deal. Check out the article for yourself. For me… this has really made me think about my vote for the presidential election in 2008.


3 thoughts on “A Real American President…

  1. fuck! could he look any more bored?? i don’t know about that. that shit is definitely not cool.

    *I hate to get all political… but he just lost it for me. What a jerk! Show some friggin’ respect.

  2. I’m really looking forward to the 2008 presidential election, even from the far flung shores of the UK.

    A few things strike me at the moment. Firstly is America ready for a black president? Secondly is America ready for a woman President and the continuation of the Clinton era? And thirdly are we set for the dirtiest election campaign to date with increased mud slinging all round?

    *we really do set the stage, don’t we!

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