While I’m discussing dogs and the strangeness that is my mind…

 I’ve often wondered if people have accents from around the world do animals? Dogs for example have an assortment of different barks and growls. Knowing that different breeds have originated from around the world would they then take that accent with them?

I have 2 Australian Cattle Dogs…do they have an Aussie accent? Should I greet them each morning with a little “G’day” ? My dad has a pit bull, and while he is just a big ‘ol’ playful knucklehead I never use the cutesy little puppy voice with him. I insist that even though he is still just a puppy (he is bigger that my full grown heeler) he needs that gruff junkyard dog talk. I mean for heavens sake he lives at the garage, I don’t think anyone goes in and snuggles up to the pup and gives him a biscuit and says “here is a biscuit for the pretty little princess…who wants a biscuit-wiscuit?”

Now this all being said, I had a neighbor that had a Chihuahua. This little (piece of so and so) rat-dog would come over to my house and crap in my flower beds, I would yell and scream till I was blue in the face and the stupid thing wouldn’t even look up at me with the ‘what ya gunn’a do about it’ eyes. Even though my neighbor was not bi-lingual that little sucker knew that if I didn’t speak Spanish he didn’t have to listen to me. We could go in to a whole new story here but that’s another time and place. I really think that if I had yelled “Estupido…vete, váyase, andate o qué?” he would have listened. To put this in to perspective, I’ve been told that police dogs are often taught their commands in a foreign language so that the bad guys won’t know what’s coming.  They get used to the hard German (or whatever) accent and can decipher “go find the hardened criminal” from “come and find the drugs on this dirt-bag”. You got me how they do it, but have you noticed that they seem to use a lot of dogs that originally came from these regions? Coincidence…I think not!!!

On the same lines I think that is why all hound dogs that have a great sense of smell, sound like they come from the deep south with those mournful howls of theirs (sometimes sounds like a country song to me). I was told once that solving a case in the south was 10 times as hard because there are no dental records and everyone has the same DNA. Don’t hate me for that one Red. But these dogs can sniff out anything…remember good ol’ Trusty from Lady and the Tramp, I seem to recall that when he talked he had a slow southern drawl. Yet again the Scottish Terrier Jock had a bit of an accent too.



4 thoughts on “While I’m discussing dogs and the strangeness that is my mind…

  1. Next time a chihuahua shits in your yard, ask it, ‘Comprende zapato en el cholo, punta.’ It should work.

    *help me out here…I think the only word I understood was punta. But then again it maybe I don’t want to know! 😆

  2. Loosely translated, ‘Understand boot in the ass, ho.’

    *OMG can you imagine the kids in on the block chanting this around town!
    “but mom…the neighbor lady said it first!”

  3. I have honestly never wondered about this particular topic. Many a weird thing have crossed my mind, but never this. Thank you, cowgal, for bringing a new perspective on things to my day.

    *crazy crap is what I do best!

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