Secret Agent Dog…

 I think my dog is a secret agent for some underground anti-pussy cat society. I think she has developed some new form of communication that she sends threw the water pipes by lapping water from the toilet (I call this her lap-top). It uses the same technique as Morris code; the length of the lap of her tongue in a combination with the blowing bubbles under the water with her nose. It sends a message to the sewer rats and they in turn use a process still unknown to me to the other animals in the farmyard.  The commotion that they cause then in turn wakes me and I open the door to see what problem is and the dog then attacks the neighborhood cats that reside on my front porch. Knowing that she can only chase them to the edge of the lawn where her invisible electric fence collar engages her with a pulsating electrical shock if she crosses, she somehow manipulates the pussy-cats to run in to the neighbors yard where the Saint Bernard takes it from there.

I really need to look in to this more…now I’m intrigued about why the other neighbors have so many cats? Are the cats really trying to take over the world?


6 thoughts on “Secret Agent Dog…

  1. I think cats have always wanted to rule the world in some respect.
    “Pussy cats” Hmmmm, something I like about that.
    Sounds like a great mane for an all girl punk band.
    The “lap-top” is classic. 😉

    *I thought about this way to much hun!

  2. I have two cats and five rabbits in a teeny tiny apartment. I feel your plotting-of-animals pain

    Step 1) Cat will piss of extremely feisty three month old rabbit.
    Step 2) Extremely feisty three month old rabbit figures out how to open his DOG CAGE (because he is too feisty for a regular sized rabbit cage).
    Step 3) Extremely feisty little sonofabitch fails to realize that my face is not a chew toy and proceeds to try and remove my lip ring.
    Step 4) Try to explain to friends and coworkers that my ravaged lip is from an adorable fuzzy creature and not from sexy-times.

    Sad times, sad times.

    I had a rabbit that would get in to her cage when the dogs annoyed him. He could lock the cage and everything.

    😦 oh now I miss him!

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