The road less traveled

# 5- Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon offers an experience like no other in Utah. The Heber Valley Railroad offers a picturesqueand amazing ride threw history. The 16-mile ride treks from Vivian Park in Provo to Heber City. 


Along the way you get to enjoy not only the views of the canyon like Mount Timpanogos, Cascade Mountain, Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir, and the Provo River, but also the entertainment provided on-board. The railroad rotates the entertainment seasonal from things like the annual fall Cowboy Poetry ride when you will find notables such as Waddie Mitchell and other cowboy poets rotating threw the train cars telling stories, and the ever popular Polar Express in the winter where you get to enjoy a telling of the children’s book (of the same name) and a steaming cup of cocoa.


4 thoughts on “The road less traveled

  1. OK, it’s settled. Utah is my next big vacation destination. I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time, now it’s definitely gonna happen. Thanks for this great photo tour of your state!

    *OK, just make a point to wave as you come threw.

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