A music meme

 Ok Reg and Alyson did this one (I think it was stolen from Red) and I had to go a round with it!

1.     What is the first music album you remember owning?  I think it was from the Muppet Movie. I just remember the track Rainbow Connection.


2.     If not the same, what is the first music album you purchased for yourself?  Diamond Rio…ya I know, give a girl a break.

3.     What artist currently occupies the most space either in terms of shelf space or megabytes on your hard drive?  I really have a variety but I think the most goes to the writer and not the artist. Andrew Llyod Webber.

4.     4. How many different types of music media (vinyl, cassette, CD, etc) have you owned in your lifetime?  vinyl, cassettes, CDs,

5.     Who or what has had the biggest effect on your music taste? My mom and dad.

6.     How do you currently prefer to listen to music? Really loud in the car.

7.     In terms of music memorabilia, what is your most prized possession? What??? I don’t keep that kind of stuff around. I went to a concert once and was in the front row and got a sweaty towel thrown to me from Neil McCoy and I gave it to the chick next to me cause it grossed me out.

8.     Have you ever “swapped headsets” with a complete stranger (meaning have you ever unplugged the earphones from your listening device and plugged them into someone else’s player and had them do the same)? If yes, what did they play for you?  Well not exactly…but I do check out what others are listing to on the ol’ Ipod’s at work.

9.     Have you ever been completely obsessed with a particular artist? Who and to what level did your fandom go? Um…NO.

10.  What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled for a concert? I took the old man to see Don Williams (for his birthday) in Nevada. About a 5 hour drive.

Who have you seen in concert the most?  Sawyer Brown. Just 3 times.


6 thoughts on “A music meme

  1. ok, maybe i shouldn’t have responded to the “obsessed” question. i’m starting to feel like a wierdo… LOL

    *No, well ..OK well I won’t tell anyone.

  2. I have eight tracks! Which is like a really big cassette in case you’re too young to know.

    *I remember them…my first car had a player, but it was broken! My folks still have some I think.

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