The adventure capitol of Utah

 # 7- Moab

Moab is known as the adventure capitol of Utah, offering activities such as mountain biking on


 Slickrock, off-road trails and the


 Moab Jeep safari, hiking, and (my personal favorite) whitewater rafting down the


 Colorado River.

Colorado River rafting provides the most exhilarating white water rafting in the state of Utah. It is the states most popular river, and for a good reason! The thrill of whitewater, and the rare beauty of the red rock canyons, makes a Colorado River rafting trip breathtaking for both its excitement and beauty! Experienced white water rafters consider the cataract canyon to be among the best white water rafting in the country. The entire trip covers approximately 112 miles. However, the most intense whitewater is found together, along an 18-mile stretch containing 26 substantial rapids.

If you’re not the adventurous type, you can always just stick to town and do a little shopping. You can find anything from your average run of the mill t-shirt shops to wineries and art boutiques. Not to mention the infamous


 Hole in the rock store.  Moab really has something for everyone.


3 thoughts on “The adventure capitol of Utah

  1. I have a friend who goes to Moab every year – she has a big ol’ Ranger called Chomp and I guess there’s a big off roading event where they blaze the rugged terrain and do the real man thang.

    Utah is a beautiful state – I’ve been, but not in many years. I’d like to go back someday.

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