I thought that where I have covered my views on politics and religion in the last few posts that I would lighten it up for a while…I hate to become to serious, what fun is that. So I put together a list of some of my most favorite places to visit in the state of Utah. I’ll post one a day for 10 days, so as not to overwhelm you. I hope you enjoy and if you ever come and visit, make a point to visit a few. So without further ado…

#10- Bonneville Salt Flats


This is the greatest place to see. There is nothing (this big) like it around, the Salt Flats are a 159 square miles. The depth of the salt has been recorded at 6 feet in many areas. It is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake.

Each rainfall erases tire marks and flattens the densely-packed salt pan that is inhospitable to plants. The area is extremely flat and nearly aligned perfectly with the shape of Earth, allowing visitors to see the curvature of the planet by producing an optical illusion that makes many of the mountains within the vicinity appear to be floating in the air since their bases are on the other side of the curve and thus out of sight.

You may remember seeing the race from the movie “The world’s fastest indian“. The salt flats are perhaps most famous for their use as the Bonneville Speedway for high-speed cars and other machines which have achieved speeds in excess of 600 miles per hour.

Trust me it’s a different experience to see it first hand.


One thought on “Utah…

  1. hi there! saw that you stopped by at my site now i stopped by at yours! 🙂

    *Oh Thanks…I love visitors! I loved your place, all the photos were fun.

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