Come and visit Utah

 # 9- Red Rock Region

I couldn’t pick just one area in the red rocks to share with you so I have encompassed the whole region.


Zion,  Bryce Canyon,


Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and


 Lake Powell

are all beautiful with the red contrast to the desert. This is why John Ford found this such a stunning back drop for many of his films.

The geology alone makes this place phenomenal to see, the nine known exposed formations visible in Zion National Park are part of a super-sequence of rock units called the Grand Staircase; they represent about 150 million years of mostly Mesozoic-aged sedimentation, not to mention the flora and fauna. The forests and meadows provide the habitat to support diverse animal life. Small mammals like foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, and black bears can be found. Mule deer are the most common large mammals in the parks while elk and pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep sometimes venture into the parks. Golden Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, and California Condors are among some of the multiple variates of winged friends that coexist here as well.


Many Petroglyphs in Bryce canyon also give us a little in-site to the lives of Native Americans that lived in the area hundreds of years ago. Little is known about early human habitation in the Bryce Canyon area. Archaeological surveys of Bryce Canyon National Park show that people have been in the area for at least 10,000 years. Basketmaker-period Anasazi artifacts several thousand years old have been found south of the park. Other artifacts from the Pueblo-period Anasazi and the Fremont culture have also been found. The Paiute in the area developed a mythology surrounding the hoodoos (pinnacles)


in Bryce Canyon. They believed that hoodoos were the Legend People whom the trickster Coyote turned to stone. At least one older Paiute said his culture called the hoodoos Anka-ku-wass-a-wits, which is Paiute for “red painted faces”.

Believe me this is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. The scenery and all the varied activities that the area offers. This is Utah at it’s finest.


9 thoughts on “Come and visit Utah

  1. Ok, Zion in Bryce Canyon is sooooo mofo beautiful, and I just want to run through that red rock circle thing in Arches national Park. I had no clue Utah was such the spot to be.

    *oh heck I’m just getting warmed up…

  2. Hey BFF!

    I love Utah!! i’ve been twice. You just let me know where you are and make sure the karaoke machine is warmed up!!

    BFF 😉

    *Oh I’ll have it ready anytime BFF

  3. Maybe it’s because I was so young… but I hated all these places.
    They were such a bore… nothing to do.
    Of course… I haven’t visited since I was like 6 or something…

    Or maybe I’m just not a fan of scenery.

    *You do have to like that kind of thing!

  4. That is some awesome scenery. Makes me want to head up there for a visit. But I don’t know if I could stay. I would most likely be run out on a rail.

    *We can use the entertainment. 8)

  5. Hey, thanks for sharing the pics. After the holidays, ’bout mid Januray I’ll have cabin fever and be ready for a change of scenery. I’d love to go back to Utah, loved Park City.

    *me to, check my next post for some great photos of Park City!

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