What are you looking for?

 This has been my absolutely favorite stat day ever (see the days events at the bottom). Look you wild horny sex crazed women…I don’t have what you want here. If you have looked 27 times for Keanu Reeves and you didn’t find it…chances are you won’t find it the last time either. And I’m really not sure if the reference to hot men in the office is for the TV series or just any ol’ office but you really won’t find that here either. Now as for the how to draw hot men…would you like to paint them yourself or was that referring to drawing them to you? If it’s the latter my tip…smother yourself in cheap food (chips and salsa are great but not the really spicy salsa, it will leave a rash) and lie on the bar at your favorite sports pub. If you can possibly get any alcohol to stay in your belly button you’ll “draw” them in like flies.

Keanu Reeves


Eric Dane


Hot men


Keanu reeves naked


Hot men in the office


Steven Strait in the covenant


Daniel Craig


How to draw hot men



    ***Update…I checked up on the hot men and all the gals looking for love, and here is where we stand at the end of the day. For heavens sake, I promise I didn’t add anything that good!

Search Views
keanu reeves 33
eric dane 16
hot men 12
keanu reeves naked 7
Keanu Reeves 6
Eric Dane 5
David James Elliot 4
hot men in the office 3
johnny deep 3

2 thoughts on “What are you looking for?

  1. Great tips for drawing hot men but I must say that I prefer bean dip over salsa. I love checking my stats. I get the strangest searches and can’t imagine why.

    *Good Tip…I’ll give that one a whirl. And I can’t imagine you getting anything to far out there. 8)

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