What made me who I am today…my mom

 My mom has been quite an inspiration in my life. I have watched this woman suffer many trials and she has come threw them with her head held high. She is a free spirited hippie that doesn’t give a damn what the world thinks.  The one thing in her life she loves more than anything is my dad, they have a great marriage based on trust and friendship. She always taught me that those are the most important things to have, and the love comes along naturally with it. The best sex in the world will never make a marriage last if you can’t trust each other, and you can’t live with someone you don’t like! Your husband should be your best friend, the one person you can share anything with.

My mom and me were not always such great friends. My years in high school are proof of that. While she ran her cleaning business, she suffered a back injury that took her away from this line of work. She handed it over to my brother and I. Working a full time job in high school was more than either of us wanted, but alas, we did it! She taught me more those few years about myself and who I was to become than I ever could have imagined at the time.  Responsibility and accountability are things that I demand in myself more now because of this.

About three months after I was married I made a decision to go back to school. To my horror (at the time), my mom signed up for the same classes. I hated everyone thinking we were sisters, but not as much as the competition. She wanted me to be the best I could and pushed me that whole semester. She eventually changed schools and went a different direction than we had both decided on. I had found a great job that I loved and the old man and me built our home. School was done as far as I was concerned. Until the night my dad called. Mom had fell down a flight of stairs and broke both of her arms…three weeks before her finals! Most of her professors told her she could get out of her tests because her grades to date had been so good she could skip the finals and still be above the curve. Not mom! She requested that I attend classes with her to take notes and help her take the exams. To my surprise the college let us.

Mom and I now work together at the Dr’s office…in different departments. We walk every morning with my aunt, drive together to work and have lunch together every day. We still drive each other crazy, pushing each other to be the best.


4 thoughts on “What made me who I am today…my mom

  1. I enjoyed reading this because I love it when children appreciate their parents (especially their mothers) and because you’re all about education…and because your mother taught you so many great life lessons. Kudos to both of you!

    *Oh thanks.

  2. that’s really nice that you are so close with your mom. i can only strive to have a great relationship with my kids as they grow. that would be pimp!

    *I bet your kids think your great! Cause I think your great BFF.

  3. oh, and loving the new look and the new avatar!! you sexy little witch you!! 😉

    *Dang I just wish you could see my shoes today!!!

  4. So sweet. You and your mom have been through a lot. You sound like you’re really close friends now, as well as mother and daughter.

    *thanks for the visit, we are like the sisters everyone though we should have been in school.

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