What made me who I am today…

 As if anyone who reads this will care but I just wanted to do a little bit of odd writing and tell you about my family and friends. So today I’ll start with my dad.

My dad was the first person to talk to me about politics…he started on me at a young age. I think it was when I was about 4 and the swat team broke down the door of our house looking for him while my older brother and myself were watching Saturday morning cartoons.


As you can see from the picture of him here, he is a gruff looking man on the outside and has a heart of gold for the young ‘en’s. This is my nephew with him.

Dad was a truck driver in my youth until the fateful day the boss sent him packing and he decided to run his own business. Ma and him started a handyman service when I was about 10. We did all sorts of things together…the whole family was involved. Mom ran a cleaning service on her end and dad did anything else that would pay the bills. We never had a lot but we were always happy.

When I was in Jr. high school we moved to the home they still live in now. I though I was going to die! I went from about a 5-minuet walk from the mall to what I told them was the end of the world. Dad insisted it was not the end…but you could see it from here! The city was left behind and we got a farm, Dad wanted us to have the same type of experience that he enjoyed in his youth. My brother thought this meant he would be shipped off to the Navy. But dad never forced us to do anything like that.

Dad ran for City counsel a few years back and was not disappointed when he didn’t get the job. He taught me that it’s never right to bitch about the way the world turns out if you didn’t offer to help. Dad is the most patriotic man I know. He believes that a democracy can work, if we, work for it! He now serves on the city planning and zoning counsel as the chairman.

I eventually learned to love the country and still live here today; about 7 blocks form their house. Everyone in town knows my dad; he never misses a morning at the coffee shop, where he visits (bullshits) with everyone. If for some reason you missed him there you can find him at the garage…the best diesel mechanic in town. Saturday & Sunday mornings in the summer you’ll have to catch him quick though. He’ll be off on his personally designed trike to a car show or motorcycle rally.


5 thoughts on “What made me who I am today…

  1. Your dad sounds like a great man. I like how he ran for city council because it’s not right to bitch if you’re not going to at least try and get involved. A lot of people bitch, but I don’t know anyone who actually runs for office like he did. My dad writes his own name down on the “write-in” section of the presidential ballot, and one year he managed to get 12 other people to vote for him (so he says), but that’s nothing close to your Pop.

    I’m so putting him in the “write-in” slot what a great idea! Thanks for the visit; it makes me think I actually have stuff fall out of my head that makes sense. Sometimes I really wonder! 😆

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