What is in a name?

 Forever ago, my BFF Reg did a post I loved so much. She googled her name and browsed what images came up. I have wanted to try this and seeing that I have no life while the old man is away hunting, I have looked in to this name googling and this is what I found.


I guess that if I wanted to find a profession in the adult porno world my name is like candy.

It seemed to me that when I typed in my nickname all that came up were freaks



and chicks with big ol’ knockers.



Forgive the idiom but I seem to have been blessed with the later statement and hate some other slang terms used to describe ‘em.

So moving on I decided to try out my real name…just for kicks.




Not near as much fun, but entertaining nonetheless. I just seem to keep on the same theme here, freaks and knockers!

 I just couldn’t stop there though. CowGal has been my screen name since high school and I just had to see if there was any hope for me with that one.




Alas…I guess you can presume from all points, just what kind of a gal you have come across here! 😉


9 thoughts on “What is in a name?

  1. What the hell is your real name? Boobie McSlut?
    And P.S. I did a post like that too, before my blog exploded into superpopularityness….I have a Romanian convent named after me! And a coffee maker, a rose and booze!

    What you couldn’t tell. It’s Nicole, but I go as Nikki! I got lots of Anna-Nicole & Nicole Richie crap back. But I really loved the Nikki results the best!

  2. haha…I love that the “knocker” motif was a consistent theme throughout…but the freaks, that was a wild contrast to the previous one, haha 😉

    Well ya know! I’m all about consistency.

  3. LOL@talea! She guessed your name!! Actually, I though it was Tits McGee but Boobie works too!

    Thank you for posting this, how fun. Sluts, pornstars, and freaks. I knew I loved you for a reason!!

    I prefer top heavy if you don’t mind! Tee-hee! 😉

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