I feel like a woman

 So as we know, the old man is playing the great white hunter for the next week and half. He called, late last night, and requested me to bring out a few supplies that he inadvertently left behind. I told him I would bring them out to deer camp this weekend and spend the night with him.

While I have enjoyed the bed to myself, I do miss him and have spent the last few nights lulling myself to sleep in the dark empty house. So, I have decided to make the most of this quick trip to the wilderness. I have laid out some of my most stunning apparel for the event as well as packed up a few other necessities (whipped cream ect.) to spice up the event. I awoke early to do all the evil deeds that make my man smile and have planned an event to “rock” the trailer.

OK so I made his favorite cake…what where you thinking?


3 thoughts on “I feel like a woman

  1. You are the cutest thing ever. I’ve never baked the boyfriend a cake. Haha, I was totally like, ‘Wow, this whipped cream thing doesn’t seem like something cowgal would talk about!’

    tee-hee! 😆

  2. Woah. Spending a night in deer camp. I’d like to know how you create the perfect deer camp stunning outfit. I mean, it’s gotta be sexy, but it’s gotta be practical too, right?? Or does it?

    Oh heck ya…It’s all about the drop bottom long john’s. Easy access!
    You know when you eat the food they cook…you’ll be up all night running to the bathroom!
    Tee-hee. 😆

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